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  1. Bama75&80

    SOFTBALL Interesting list and GLARING OMISSION.

    Does anyone have an evaluation of the team based on the fall games? Noticeable pitching differences based on the new coach, etc
  2. Bama75&80

    Oh JessN, Where Art Thou?

    I am very sorry for Kyallie. But after the loss of Cecil, hearing that about Jess was jarring. Jess has taken up Cecil’s mantle and his writing is so on point. Look forward to it every week.
  3. Bama75&80

    Texas A&M QB has broken hand, out for Alabama game (9 of 22 ATM starters out vs Bama)

    Quarterbacking up in the air for both teams. Per several reports:
  4. Bama75&80

    Pick the Score: Bama vs Arkansas

    49-13. Pig QB runs over 2nd/3rd team for garbage TD. Otherwise their kicker actually makes a couple—also misses one.
  5. Bama75&80

    Soccer on Rocky Top tonight SEC+

    Great win over The Vols always satisfying:
  6. Bama75&80

    Top 20 Soccer Matchup this week

    Based on the ranked pre-sec teams, it sure seems like a strong squad. It would be great to have another Tide team in the post season championship race.
  7. Bama75&80

    Profanity and Inappropriate Language: I Told You I Was Serious

    Especially the political viewpoints. There’s a place for that. Thank you🙂
  8. Bama75&80

    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL PREGAME THREAD - Bama vs. ULM, 3:00 CDT, Sept 17, SECN...

    Roll Tide! Hope the O-line gets solidified. 0 drops by receivers. Multiple long runs occur. Sacks galore. OK🤪The wish list stops here.
  9. Bama75&80

    2023 Recruiting: 2023 Recruiting Targets

    Tommy Wilcox comes to mind. 🙂
  10. Bama75&80

    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    Great article by Jess on Coach Saban and the NIL. I truly believe that Jess has taken up the mantle of the late, great Cecil Hurts and i am grateful to be able to read thoughtful and intelligent commentary.
  11. Bama75&80

    Tide run rules SoUtahU 11-0!

    Thanks for the details. I couldn’t find much on the game itself👍🙂
  12. Bama75&80

    Tide run rules SoUtahU 11-0!

    Torrence is winning pitcher in 5 innings. We had an 8 run first inning!! Roll Tide!!
  13. Bama75&80

    Harsin and Auburn Drama (Auburn coaching situation talk)

    Depend or SPEND in the Transfer Portal🤪
  14. Bama75&80

    Question: Just curious if you are pulling for or against Joe Burrow in Super Bowl

    You’ve seen a championship or two🤪👍
  15. Bama75&80

    New ‘Athletics Competition Arena’ on Alabama trustee meeting agenda According to

    Saw many a concert along with basketball games. Charles Cleveland in freshman games was a man among boys🙂
  16. Bama75&80

    New ‘Athletics Competition Arena’ on Alabama trustee meeting agenda According to
  17. Bama75&80

    New ‘Athletics Competition Arena’ on Alabama trustee meeting agenda According to

    I agree. It is time for a dynamic new place for both basketball programs and gymnastics.
  18. Bama75&80

    New ‘Athletics Competition Arena’ on Alabama trustee meeting agenda According to

    Maybe a new arena is on the horizon
  19. Bama75&80

    Alabama is hiring Eric Wolford as offensive line coach per ESPN

    It seemed like a new coach was in order as Marrone appeared to be not a good fit. Hope Wolford can coach up a promising group.
  20. Bama75&80

    Bama Game Thread: The Good; The Bad; The Ugly - Bama v. UMO...

    Wes Unseld says hello from the past. Thick guys can bedevil the best, sometimes🙂

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