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  1. TideFan in AU

    Qb’s and Wr’s Cincy have faced this year and before

    I hope BRob is healthy for this game. If we can run the effectively, we’ll be able to throw the ball.
  2. TideFan in AU

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…. Barney style

    The good - Auburning Auburn in Auburn! The bad - O line play and the coaching waiting until halftime before putting Chris Owens back in the lineup. The Ugly - everything orange
  3. TideFan in AU

    Cecil Hurt has Passed Away

    I really hated to see the news about Cecil. Cecil was synonymous with Alabama Football since I became old to to enough to closely follow it the 90’s. RIP Mr. Hurt
  4. TideFan in AU

    2022 TE Elijah Brown

    Roll Tide!
  5. TideFan in AU

    Will the Team be Invited by President Biden to the White House?

    I think if I had visited the WH when I was a kid I would have been blown away also, but I think I missed my window. Every President and the vast majority of all politicians in my adult life have been clowns. The history of the WH and DC is great, but that’s what it is - distant history. The...
  6. TideFan in AU

    BREAKING Fourteennessee's Pruitt FIRED (along with staff & Fulmer resigning). Wants back at Alabama

    He’s a good DC no doubt, but no matter whether he did anything or not, this is on him. There’s no way possible that he didn’t know what a snake Fulmer is, and he made the decision to play with fire. Trouble seems to follow this guy around, and besides here, there’s always been something...
  7. TideFan in AU

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Sumlin is not a bad recruiter. He signed Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray at A&M.
  8. TideFan in AU

    Alabama: Latest Bama News 1/4/201 Thru 1/17/2021

    I agree! Either way he’s a stabilizing force on the OL. Losing 2 instead of 3 I’d probably huge for the success of whoever the new QB will be.
  9. TideFan in AU

    Should Alabama Football Retire Numbers?

    Not that I disagree with Mark or Devonta’s importance, I’d argue that we do not win 2015 without Henry. Would we have won 2009 without Mark, and 2020 without Devonta? I’m not sure. I doubt it, but there is no doubt in mind that we absolutely do not win 2015 without Derrick. That’s the rub for...
  10. TideFan in AU

    Should Alabama Football Retire Numbers?

    No! Bama is bigger than any one player. That’s no disrespect to any player, and I imagine the vast majority of them would feel that way.
  11. TideFan in AU

    BREAKING OLD THREAD - Bill O’Brien a candidate for OC (update: officially hired!)

    I know you’re joking, but if the guy that has beat CNS more than any other coach in college football wanted to come compare notes and and reveal what he saw at times that he could exploit in our defense, I’d be all for it!
  12. TideFan in AU

    Link: Recruiting and the Transfer Portal Logjam

    Gilbert enters the portal.
  13. TideFan in AU

    The Championship is Set... Bama vs Ohio St. What are your initial thoughts?

    Like others have said, I wonder can Ohio St maintain that level for 2 games in a row. At their best, they are definitely capable of beating us. It’s my thought that our guys will be focused and I think Sark understands how much it would mean to his recruiting efforts to have a fresh NC ring to...
  14. TideFan in AU

    Dylan Moses Instagram post

    I wonder if he’ll come back since it’s a free year? His NFL stock can’t be good now.
  15. TideFan in AU

    Game Thread: Cotton Bowl: Sooners vs Gators. (Oklahoma wins 55-20) Oklahoma is Back

    Watching Cousin Eddie getting pants'd like this is always fun!
  16. TideFan in AU

    Smart was Bama’s Defense

    Par for the course! Living where I do (Basically on the State line) I encounter lots of barners and Dawgs. The Dawgs are the worst in that regard. I’m already ready to hear the excuses tomorrow at work. One of them started wearing an UGA mask on Thursday after it was announced CNS had COVID. I...
  17. TideFan in AU

    Smart was Bama’s Defense

    This post didn’t age well... 😉🤷‍♂️
  18. TideFan in AU

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly... Ole Miss style

    Good - everything offensive. The long awaited Ben Davis sighting. Him covering that onsides kick is bigger than it’s getting credit for! Bad - everything defensive. Ugly - Realizing that if this defense doesn’t get significantly better, we’re looking at another good team loaded with NFL...

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