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    Have Alabama and UGA Swapped Places From Five Or So Years Ago?

    UGA is solidly on top right now and it's due to our missteps (and worse) running the program while Georgia was recruiting, developing, and coaching at a consistently high level. There's every indication that CNS is trying to rectify at least some of our issues. Nothing said more than when...
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    Colorado has had 71 players enter transfer portal since August

    I hope Deion appreciates just how absurd his comments sound after his fleeing a HBCU. There are a lot of reasons that kids end up at a HBCU and most of them are not overwhelmingly positive.
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    Colorado has had 71 players enter transfer portal since August

    If you use your one free transfer to move to Colorado what do you do next year when Deion tells you are out? It's really strange this year but could get super ugly as early as next year. Better make sure none of those guys have any stories to tell.
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    Could ND QB Tyler Buchner transfer to Bama? (UPDATE: He is)

    The transfer window closes in three days, correct? As I understand, we are one over the scholarship limit now. If we took Buchner, we'd be two over. The general consensus among us message board experts is that we need another corner, which would put us 3 over. That means three more guys...
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    Game Thread: 2023 A Day Game thread

    Pope was one of the guys I was thinking about when I mentioned the abundance of safeties. Someone else unexpected as well but can't remember who right now. Maybe Caleb Downs but still think there's another one.
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    Game Thread: 2023 A Day Game thread

    First off, I just don't think you can fairly evaluate either of these two QBs when they aren't live. The legs are a significant part of their game, especially so for Milroe. The good news is that both QBs hung in the pocket and tried to make plays. TS seemed to keep his eyes down field even...
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    Who’s leading QB1 race in Spring practice?

    I like the Van Dyke rumor about him transferring from Miami. It creates a little more pressure for the guys competing for QB1. Always good to see how players respond to added pressure. Don't want the guy from Miami but I like having the rumor floating around.
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    Who’s leading QB1 race in Spring practice?

    Last fall we couldn't settle on which receivers to play and ended up in a situation where Bryce never developed the needed chemistry with any set of least until the damage was already done. Right now I fear we'll have the same problem settling on a QB this year.
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    Who’s leading QB1 race in Spring practice?

    Understand we had 5 turnovers today, at least two were interceptions, what were the others?
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    Who’s leading QB1 race in Spring practice?

    So the less experienced QB was better. My only real question that can be answered at A-Day, unless someone really screws up, is where is the ball when the QB starts scrambling. Will it be secured or in loaf of bread mode.
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    Who’s leading QB1 race in Spring practice?

    Might this be the year to give the QBs some live action in the scrimmages? I just hate the idea of waiting till the season starts to see who can handle game situations. Who actually picks the QB1, Rees or CNS? I only asked because CNS was responsible for picking CBOB (who I think gets a bad...
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    BREAKING Dwayne Haskins dies @ 24

    Barring any real information, can we assume that this is just an effort to cash in on his death? I did not see one single piece of real information in that article. This is 'sue everybody' and collect as many settlements as possible. They are suing the company that put signs on the...
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    NCAA Sends Letter to Remind Schools They Cannot Compensate Athletes

    Really great news and will certainly nip this problem in the bud. Awesome to see the NCAA getting out in front of this issue.
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    Tony Mitchell busted on weed and gun charge

    I'd expect most of those charges to eventually be dismissed. Regardless, not sure how you let this guy around your team. Florida is not a constitutional carry state (yet) so if they didn't have a permit...could be a problem.
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    FSU to the SEC?

    I'd say go with Georgia Tech and Tulane. Can we bring Sewanee back...they have a winning record against Auburn.
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    Ahmaad Galloway has passed

    Would the ethanol be part of the tranq or would that be something he drank separately?
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    My Final Top Ten!

    That would look pretty darn accurate if you replaced Kansas State with LSU. Also, OSU is on a two game losing streak so they have to drop a few spots. I'm not even opposed to swapping Bama and Georgia around (I'm a little biased). Love having Tulane ranked above LSU...we need them back in the...
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    Who's your end of season top 5?

    Pretty sure OSU is riding a two game losing streak and Michigan lost to TCU, so: 1. UGA 2. Bama 3. Tulane 4. Tennessee 5. (tie) Penn State/LSU This is my final answer. Actually, they're all about the same after the top two.
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    OC and DC replacement discussion

    I rather agree that CBOB gets a bad rap. Everything you said above combined with the fact we were trying to sort through too many receiver prospects. Too many guys, Bryce's injury, an inconsistent OL, and a defense that never, ever delivered field position. CBOB is a really good coordinator...
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    News Article: Leaving & Staying: What Alabama Offense Might Look Like Next Season

    Bryce has a special feel for the QB position that very few have. However, this year he was injured much of the year and wasn't physically the same guy he was last year. TS will be a redshirt freshman next year which, coincidentally, was exactly what Drake Maye was this year. In the...