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    Pick two road games to go to this year

    Austin and Los Angeles where the national championship game will be!!
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    Questions about trip to Indy for NC game

    BamaHoosier - thanks for the informative post to help me prepare my trip to Indy!! RTR to you brother!! Are you going to the game yourself? Speaking of parking - exactly where is this 2 level garage and 5 story parking garage across the street in the Circle Center Mall (Georgia St or...
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    Questions about trip to Indy for NC game

    Will be coming up for the National Championship game. Will there be a fan fest going on like the SEC Championship Game and other activities going around near the stadium on gameday?!? Also, any suggestions where to park or where I can possibly buy a parking pass ahead of time?
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    National Championship Roll Call

    Will be coming from St. Louis as I'm looking forward to the 4 hour drive instead of those 9 hour drives down to Tuscaloosa and Atlanta!! Any suggestions where to park on gameday, or where can I buy a parking pass? RTR!!
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    Any idea on kickoff time for LSU game? (update: 6:00 PM CT on ESPN)

    Just looked at the SEC Week 10 schedule, CBS could likely pick the Auburn/A&M game for its 2:30 slot since they are the only ranked SEC teams playing each other that weekend.
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    Any idea on kickoff time for LSU game? (update: 6:00 PM CT on ESPN)

    Do they announce two weeks prior to the game or the week of the game what the kickoff time is for the SEC games? I know the LSU game has normally been a primetime night game for CBS for the majority of the past decade. However I don't think CBS is doing the doubleheader for the LSU weekend this...
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Postgame Thread - Bama vs. Maryland...

    If we do get to the Final Four, how cool would it be if Saban made the trip up to Indy to support Oats and his crew? I can only imagine what the pregame talk with CNS would be like in the locker room prior to running out on the court to take on Gonzaga!!
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    Need recommendations on Bama football related books

    For some reason, I'm feeling the urge to read a few Bama football books this offseason. It can be of any Bama football related topic, Coach Saban or anything. Does anyone have any solid recommendations on which books would be a great read and why? RTR!!
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. Ohio State, ESPN 7:00 CST, Jan. 11th...

    Bama players know what's at stake in this game - win this game and they will be labeled as having the greatest team ever in CFB history and Saban captures his 7th championship ever, passing the Bear. This team is locked in and ready to roll!!
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    Alabama national awards finalists, results (updating in real time 01/07/21)

    If there was ever a year that Saban definitely deserved the Coach of the Year award, it's this year because not only has Bama went undefeated in all SEC schedule but also was a master in implementing COVID protocols and getting his players to stick to his game plan in following the proctols...
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    The Championship is Set... Bama vs Ohio St. What are your initial thoughts?

    I'll admit that I feel a lot better about this game, reading what your feelings/opinions are than the talking heads on ESPN. They seem to be really hyping up OSU after that highly emotional beatdown against Clemson. Keep it coming - definitely lowers my blood pressure!!
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    2021 Prospect: 2021 Recruiting Targets

    Should be announcing soon....
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    Waddle working to return to the field (Final decision will be made tonight)

    With Saban giving everybody the opportunity to go home for Christmas, I wonder if Waddle is declining it to do more rehab work around the clock at the football facility. Wouldn't surprise me one bit as I think he will do everything he can to be ready to go in his last game wearing the Crimson...
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    CFP Teams- How Does Bama Match Up?

    If we get to the title game, whether it is against Clemson or Ohio State, I don't care what the score is going into the 3rd quarter even if we are up like 2 touchdowns, I want our offense to still be on full throttle with not lifting their foot off the gas pedal till no seconds left in the 4th...
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    Thoughts on the Heisman Race....

    Smith has won the Heisman poll on The Athletic site by a wide margin. 114 pts to 63 for Mac Jones (2nd place), followed by Lawrence with 49 points, Trask with 19 points and Najee with 9 points.
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    Early Signing Day - Live coverage here

    With Earle flipping to Bama, we now have 4 of the top 10 WR's in the 2021 class according to 247. Bama is officially WRU!!

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