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  1. rolltide7854

    News Article: LSU Safety Greg Brooks- Brain Tumor Surgery

    Prayers for him. 🙏
  2. rolltide7854

    News Article: Jimbo Fisher's job is in jeopardy

    I'm pulling for the Aggies because I never pull for the barn.
  3. rolltide7854

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…. Bulls style!

    The good is we won. The bad and ugly is that Chris Capps could probably start in this offensive line.
  4. rolltide7854

    What is the "Bama Offense?"

    It would have to improve to be bad. I don't get it, all the players were highly rated recruits. Was it bad coaching or poor evaluation? The OL has been bad from the moment Marrone showed up on campus. So far Wofford hasn't improved it like I thought he would.
  5. rolltide7854

    Jalen Milroe is now the starter going forward.

    You must have picked the wrong week to post it because it seemed to change week to week
  6. rolltide7854

    Lines for Week 4 Games of Note

    I prove that in the PICKEM thread.
  7. rolltide7854

    UF/UcheaT end game fight

    You're right he was taking in the process of taking a knee but the Ucheat player was right by him. I watched it again on my laptop on full screen. I'm like you in that it was caused by Heupel calling a senseless timeout and hope they never win another game. I may have to rethink that though when...
  8. rolltide7854

    UF/UcheaT end game fight

    I can't stand Ucheat but the quarterback was still standing when he was hit. Nothing in the rules against hitting a dancing QB.
  9. rolltide7854

    Fair Warning: Team’s Struggles Don’t Get A Pass On Profanity

    I can't make the same claim.........
  10. rolltide7854

    CFB memes, tweets, images, jokes, etc.

    Never gets old :D
  11. rolltide7854

    No ESPN or SEC Network on Spectrum (9/11 update: Settled)

    I just signed up for ESPN+ and I can't watch ESPN live or the SEC network so if I can't watch the Bama game tomorrow on ESPN+ tomorrow my subscription will be cancelled Saturday night. I did a 7 day trial on Fubo to make sure I can see the game tomorrow so I might switch to Fubo or Hulu from...
  12. rolltide7854

    What will Bama's first play on Offense be vs MTSU on Saturday?

    As long as the play clock doesn't run down to 1 and makes me yell snap the ball, I don't care.
  13. rolltide7854

    Who’s leading QB1 race in FALL practice?

    If G*lding was still here he would well over 200 yards rushing against since the middle of the field would be wide open for him to run like Ashford of Auburn did.
  14. rolltide7854

    Who’s leading QB1 race in FALL practice?

    We just have to stop the inside trap.
  15. rolltide7854

    Who’s leading QB1 race in FALL practice?

    Neither does Texas
  16. rolltide7854

    Scrimmage Talk

    Or end up with coaches like Mike Dubose...............
  17. rolltide7854

    Closer Look at LB, CB and Safety positions

    I was watching it with friends and it became a joke as we picked which side was Ashford going to run for a first down no matter how any yards were needed.:mad::mad::mad:
  18. rolltide7854

    News Article: CFN 2023 Alabama Football Preview

    I do not watch games that we lost.

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