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    Milroe - please read the rules. No teaser titles. Locking this one.

    Bama could use Milroe if they allowed him to play like Johnny Manziel instead of Tom Brady. He has the ability to buy time and allow the receivers to create more space or tuck and run.
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    Bad QB play affected many units tonight

    Almost every play on offense was a broken play. Did not feel like Alabama football. Saban has replaced starting QBs before--not sure why he could not see what the entire football world saw tonight. It was a disservice to Milroe and the rest of the players not to give this team the best chance...
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    Georgia's current run vs Alabama's from 2011 and 2012

    Georgia plays in the SEC east (aka ACC west). Their schedule is weak and in no way compares to the teams Bama had to face when the dynastic journey began. SEC east should be improving--but how many SEC east teams have beaten Bama in the last 10 years.
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    Bama Game Thread: BAMA vs Sooners 'Can't win em all boys' postgame edition

    I could not even watch the 2nd half. What happened to the defense?
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    Vol Nation very confident

    Vol Nation very confident
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    No Bryce, no win against Tennessee

    Good news--We have seen the running game step up with Bryce out--when he returns with his high performance passing-- the Bama offense will be in peak performance. It will be a thing of beauty.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama vs. TAMU...

    This would easily have been a 5 touchdown win with a healthy Bryce. Lets be thankful this backup QB drama is over with a W against Texas A&M.
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    Where is Tyler Harrel?

    We need the take the top off the offense receiver
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    CFP expanding to 12 teams

    Great. Now maybe we will have the opportunity to play Georgia three times in a season. College football was special because every regular season game was important to get to the national title.
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    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    True--Alabama can't compete against Texas oil money. We have the oil and natural gas but have not tapped its full potential. Alabama can't beat Texas 0 percent state income tax which is also an incentive with NIL now in place. Players will go to Texas to save money in taxes too. Vote for a...
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    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    Texas A&M violated the spirit of the NIL by creating collectives. They are like a current version of SMU in the 1980s. SMU had every player on salary now Texas A&M has emulated that model. Saban may be the last defense to restore sanity to college football.
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    Why could we not beat Notre Dame until 1986?

    Looking back on it -- the Wishbone was a great offense during the regular season but for bowl games, when teams like Notre Dame had a month to prepare, the Wishbone was not as much of an advantage. Coach Bryant eventually adjusted added in some nice passing packages to the Wishbone and had some...
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    1975 Sugar Bowl - Coach Bryant vs Tom Osborne

    Thanks for the memories. I actually went to the Penn St vs Alabama Sugar Bowl in 1975 on New Years Eve. I was just 13. Bama won 13-6 and Richard Todd was the MVP. I remember the Super Dome was fairly new and we took a tour of the facility a few days before the game--I remember they rented...
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    Why LSU win over Clemson was best outcome for Tide

    If Clemson had won the 2020 National Title Game they could make a reasonable claim that they had dethroned Alabama. But as it stands now Clemson is still knocking on Bama's door; both teams have two wins against the other in the current playoff format. Both teams have 2 National Titles the...
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    Link: QB Jake Fromm Declares For The Draft

    Bama now has the QB experience advantage for next years Bama vs UGA game in Tuscaloosa.
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    Link: Eddie Jackson Becomes The Highest Paid CB In The NFL

    Great job Eddie. Bama would have easily beaten Clemson in the 2017 National Title (illegal pick game) if Eddie and Shaun Dion Hamilton had not been injured. Those were great Bama players.
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    Targeting Call on Ohio States Shaun Wade

    Targeting Call on Ohio States Shaun Wade really changed the momentum of this game.
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    Question Regarding End of 1st Half Ala-Aub Football Game

    Bama had two timeouts left at the end of the half. They did not call a timeout to let Auburn kick the FG
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    Crazy game, but still the worst D

    The good news is we now have assistant coaching stability; Bama will not have to worry about other teams poaching DC Golding.

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