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  1. WMack4Bama

    The effect on senior players and scholarship numbers if no season is played.

    So...the other impact Here is on scholarship availability that would have been opened up by seniors/juniors leaving for incoming freshmen. I think if we think outside of our current way of doing business, it would make more sense. I believe that necessity breeds innovation (or however that...
  2. WMack4Bama

    2021 Prospect: 4* QB Drake Maye Commits to North Carolina

    He absolutely would have. I doubt Young being here had anything to do with his decision, which quite frankly, was likely made some time ago.
  3. WMack4Bama

    2021 Prospect: 4* QB Drake Maye Commits to North Carolina

    I'm coming in late here....the fact that Maye's brother is a recent UNC basketball star and that Mack Brown is an incredible recruiter, I knew we wouldn't hold onto him. It's tough to resist the call of familiarity sometimes.
  4. WMack4Bama

    Jedrick Wills announces his intentions to turn pro

    I wish him all the best.
  5. WMack4Bama

    2020 Prospect: ***4* DE Will Anderson Commits to Bama ***

    Kid is the ultimate alpha male. Had the air factor. One of my favorite players in the class along with Drew Sanders & Tim Smith
  6. WMack4Bama

    Notable Sports Figures - In Memoriam

    Sam Wyche, who coached the Bucs and took the Bengals (!!!!) to the Super Bowl twice (!!!) and is way more influential in the emergence of the West Coast offense than he ever got credit for , has died at age 74
  7. WMack4Bama

    Dylan Moses Returning

    Agree or disagree. Dad is still dad. What may seem extreme to us, may just be Thursday for him.
  8. WMack4Bama

    Dylan Moses Returning

    Oh my God.
  9. WMack4Bama

    Alex Leatherwood announces his return for senior season

    Don't you have one too? I do. It's all the rage.
  10. WMack4Bama

    Dylan Moses Returning

    LOL!!! Pretty sure he meant Lloyd's of London
  11. WMack4Bama

    Alex Leatherwood announces his return for senior season

    As do I sir......As do I
  12. WMack4Bama

    Dylan Moses Returning

    Legalese of sorts. He'll be back. I'm about 90% sure of it.
  13. WMack4Bama

    Freddie Kitchens fired by Browns

    Lot of chatter that the Browns are very interested in Urban Meyer to replace Freddie
  14. WMack4Bama

    Are bowl games relevant anymore?

    For the purposes of the extra practices and for the young men to travel. Yes.
  15. WMack4Bama

    Crazy game, but still the worst D

    You're not wrong
  16. WMack4Bama

    Who are Bama Fans now Rooting For in the SEC Championship Game?

    I wish both teams could lose. I hope for a 0-0 tie after 9 OTs
  17. WMack4Bama

    2019-20 Coaching Carousel

    BC has fired Addazio. Call him too to coach the OL. Put together and all-star team
  18. WMack4Bama

    2019-20 Coaching Carousel

    Charlie Strong officially has free nights and weekends. Gotta make that call.

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