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    8 Year Old Arrested in School in Florida This kind of stupidity (arresting elementary age children) has to stop. What have we become as a society when this is apparently seen as the best option in handling these situations, most of which involve special...
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    PAC 12 Live Press Conference: Fall Sports Postponed Through End of 2020 Calendar Year

    Presser at the link beginning at 3:30 Central Time:
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    Trump Wants his Mug on Mt Rushmore God help me.
  4. NationalTitles17

    The 2020 Mental Health Thread

    2020 has been a rough year for everyone. These are troubled times. Aside from murder hornets we've had a deadly pandemic, economic uncertainty, protests, riots, unbelievable political turmoil, and more! And that is aside from the normal everyday stress and strain we all face. Those of us who...
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    BREAKING Report: Colorado State Football Players Told To Hide Coronavirus Symptoms, Face Punishment For Quarantining
  6. NationalTitles17

    Alabama to Refund All Student Tickets. New Plan To Be Announced Emails went out yesterday.
  7. NationalTitles17

    Who Will Take a Potential COVID-19 Vaccine?

    Please answer the informal poll. Your answer will be secret. Here's an article from a poll of medical providers. It also references a poll of patients. I am concerned many will forego a vaccine even if shown to be safe and effective. Feel free to share your (nonpolitical) thoughts on the...
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    Conspiracies, Disinformation, and Misinformation by Russians and Others We had a thread on this topic a couple of years ago but I felt in this age where faulty information is abundant that a new thread was in order since it's not just the Russians doing it. This is a huge problem...
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    Poll: College Basketball and COVID-19 - Will there be a season?

    Football season isn't looking good with conferences limiting play and a high likelihood that the whole season will be cancelled. Will things change for good in time for college basketball to be played this upcoming season? I don't think so, which is a shame. Alabama would have a very good team...
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    Religion and Politics

    Religion and politics should never be discussed in polite company. We'll do it anyway. Keep it polite.
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    The NS Will We Have College Football in the Fall (Including Political Discussions)

    This thread is to allow discussion of the political alongside the sporting aspects. It is unfortunate that sports, pandemics, and politics intertwine as they do. It makes frank discussion of this topic nearly impossible unless we have a thread here in NS. No matter what happens we will enjoy...
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    COVID-19: Medical and Scientific Information

    Welcome to the COVID-19: Medical and Scientific Information thread. The goal of this thread is to share and discuss medical and scientific information related to COVID-19 infection, the SARS-COV-2 virus, symptoms, course of disease, treatments, vaccines, and other directly related topics in a...
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    Alabama Hires David Ballou as New Strength and Conditioning Coach

    Alabama Hires David Ballou Roll Tide!
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    News Article: The Future of Warfare: US Tests EA-18 Converted to Unmanned Aircraft There has been a pilot shortage. This is one way to solve it.
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    News Article: Tsunami Alert Issued for 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Near Jamaica So far it does NOT include the Gulf Coast. This is an unusually strong quake for this area. It is fortunate it took place in the ocean area between Cuba and Jamaica.
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    News Article: Update Your Windows Computers Today (Security Vulnerability)

    Looks like everyone on Windows needs to update.
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    Poll: Is Donald Trump a Christian?

    This question and people's thoughts on it have fascinated me since the beginning stages of his candidacy. I have heard some say he was chosen for this job. I have heard some call him a "Baby Christian". Some agree with Trump's own assessment that he is the best president ever for Christian...
  18. NationalTitles17

    The Late Games Thread for 10/26/19

    Crazy ending to the Kansas/Texas Tech game. Oregon take on Washington State and Utah is playing Cal.
  19. NationalTitles17

    Politics: The Trump Impeachment Thread

    It is being widely reported that Speaker Pelosi will announce a formal impeachment inquiry today. Someone who has trouble with compliments suggested it, Earle seconded it, so I'm creating it. Apparently...

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