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  1. Crimson1967

    The 2024 Presidential Election, II

    Substitute Trump’s name for Biden in that article and everyone would be ridiculing it and giving laughing and head slap emojis and saying the doctor should have his license pulled for saying he was fit and didn’t need cognitive tests.
  2. Crimson1967

    Eli Gold Not Expected To Return To Booth In 2024

    His contract was up so he should have suspected something was up since a new one hadn’t been signed. (I have zero idea how his contracts worked). And while the Arena League isn’t exactly Sunday Night Football, the fact he had that right away tells me he may have been looking around just in case...
  3. Crimson1967

    Alabama, You've Done It Again, Part the IV

    If embryos are destroyed, either by intentional damage or by poor management, I agree the parents should be compensated in some way. That said, any lawsuit shouldn’t fall under wrongful death.
  4. Crimson1967

    Eli Gold Not Expected To Return To Booth In 2024

    If he was only doing home games why was he in Auburn?
  5. Crimson1967

    Eli Gold Not Expected To Return To Booth In 2024

    Unless he is an idiot he has enough money to live on the rest of his life. So I’m not too worried about him.
  6. Crimson1967

    Eli Gold Not Expected To Return To Booth In 2024

    If the announcer is a big concern for DeBoer we made the wrong hire.
  7. Crimson1967

    Eli Gold Not Expected To Return To Booth In 2024

    Sad to say, but it had to be done if he only wants to work part time. I don’t ever listen on the radio so it isn’t going to matter to me but I know a lot of people enjoyed his work.
  8. Crimson1967

    Decline of the GOP episode XIII

    I grew up in Florence and we’d smell it from time to time. I can’t imagine living close to it. With the decline of daily newspapers and overall shift to electronic communications I suppose the demand for paper isn’t what it used to be. Overall better for the environment but sucks for those who...
  9. Crimson1967

    The 2024 Presidential Election, II

    I used to go to church with this older guy who was retired but had once owned a lumber yard. He would yell everything he said. I suspect he picked up that habit from working in a loud environment for years.
  10. Crimson1967

    Question: Who was the best team Alabama ever lost to?

    Happened during A Day.
  11. Crimson1967

    Alabama, You've Done It Again, Part the IV

    There are two political ads that are running constantly. One is a guy who is a doctor who is running for the state school board. It features a woman who is blacked out like she’s testifying against the mob upset because her fourth grader was assigned a Black Lives Matter book. The other is a...
  12. Crimson1967

    2024-They died this year

    Longtime college basketball coach Lefty Driesell dies at 92.
  13. Crimson1967

    Where is Seebell?

    Going to Atlanta the weekend of the NFC championship game is a good time to go as you don’t have to worry about traffic around the Mercedes Dome.
  14. Crimson1967

    News Article: High School Teens Receive College Scholarships...for Cornhole

    If someone can get money from doing something completely legal I don’t see the problem.
  15. Crimson1967

    Bohannon’s Bet Launched a Much Wider Scandal

    Unlike a recruiting scandal, the gambling scandal kills any chances of MLB giving him a shot. People are stupid. Glad he got caught before we got in too deep. Imagine if we had gotten to Omaha and this exploded in the middle of the CWS.
  16. Crimson1967

    Decline of the G.O.P. Episode XII

    I’m afraid to ask, but how do you compare a climate scientist to Jerry Sandusky?
  17. Crimson1967

    The Third-Party/Independent 2024 Thread

    Anyone see the RFK ad during the game? It looked like an old ad for his uncle with the graphics but with his picture. The disclaimer at the end made it sound like some other group had paid for it and not his campaign.
  18. Crimson1967

    Game Thread: Super Bowl LVIII (CBS | 530PM CT)

    No score but SF has the advantage so far.
  19. Crimson1967

    Super Bowl LVIII who yo got and score?

    Ozzie’s team is now the Ravens. A Chiefs win will upset all the anti-Swifites, so I’m cheering for them. I’m not a Swift fan, I just like seeing a bunch of idiots get upset.