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  1. edwd58

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs Gators Game Thread

    The SEC office has suspended Wague for the Kentucky game.
  2. edwd58

    Eli Gold Not Expected To Return To Booth In 2024

    Great respect for Eli but his best days have come and gone. For several years now his call of the game has been perfunctory and lacked an emotional element. I consider myself lucky to have grown up listening to Forney and then Eli in my adult years - even though I don't listen to many games on...
  3. edwd58

    Poll: What’s your prediction seed-wise for Bama for NCAA?

    I expect us to be a 4 or 5 seed, a 3 if things go better than I anticipate. Of the 7 games remaining these 5 will be most difficult: @ UK & UF and at home with UT, A&M, and UF again. We will suffer some losses as all except UK are superior inside and we'll struggle to defend them. Can we shoot...
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama @ LSU, 11:00 AM, CST, ESPN...

    One team handled the mid-week loss with a big road win. The other team handled the mid-week home win by getting thumped on the road. A pleasing outcome. Wins on the road in this league are hard to come by. We don't have a mid-week game and our next two are at home. A chance to get our legs...
  5. edwd58

    USCe takes down the Vols

    I watched the game, and it was no fluke that USCe won. I've seen several of their recent games and they are playing well at the moment. All of the commentators have been gushing about USCe and their coach but none of the talking heads bother to mention that three weeks ago we beat these guys by...
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs LSU ESPN 7 CST

    A really strong second half - on both ends. Contributions from everyone tonight. Next, at Georgia Wednesday night.
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    What will it be? Stadium or Field?

    Speaking of the statue, now that Coach has retired, I'd like to see a new statue commissioned to replace that gosh awful one. Maybe I'm one of the few who doesn't like it. 🤷‍♂️
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs. Auburn, 6:30 PM, ESPN...

    Oats with a 6-3 record against Pearl. Roll Tide, Nate!!!
  9. edwd58

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs. Auburn, 6:30 PM, ESPN...

    I don't think Milroe was expecting to be involved in the halftime show, I saw a clip where they literally pulled him out of the stands.
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama v Mizzou - SECN 6p CST

    Free throws, 20 of 21. That will win you some games.
  11. edwd58

    Worst weather that Bama has played in

    I was at many of the games already mentioned. I'd add the Bama v. Georgia game in 2015 in Athens. It was raining when we left home the day before, rained all the way to Atlanta where we spent the night, was raining when we drove to and arrived in Athens, rained on the walk to the stadium, during...
  12. edwd58

    DeBoer and recruiting

    So, DeBoer reaches out to Bond and Bond essentially blows him off, doesn't give him a return call, doesn't even hear what the coach has to say, but somehow DeBoer blew it. Sounds to me that there wasn't really anything DeBoer could have said, or offered, that would have swayed Bond to stay at...
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs Miss State (SECN 7:30 CST)

    An 8-0 run over the last 2:40 or so of the game. Those tough preconference road games are paying dividends. Two big conference road wins. Congrats to Nate and the gang.
  14. edwd58

    Bama Game Thread: Link to the LIVE Alabama Press Conference for Coach Kalen DeBoer (1/13 @ 1pm CT)

    Someone point me at a wall, I'm ready to run through it! Welcome to Bama, Coach.
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    Bama Game Thread: BAMA vs SC SECN 6p CST

    Estrada with 13 points, 5 turnovers, 5 rebounds and a steal.
  16. edwd58

    Bama Game Thread: BAMA vs SC SECN 6p CST

    Looks like we're still at Vandy, at least that's how we're playing.
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    Women’s Gymnastics starts off the year strong with win in quad Super 16

    There were many solid routines. IIRC, the first and last performer on each apparatus were strong. I was surprised UCLA finished 4th in our pool.
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    Game Thread: Early bowl games no one cares about but will watch anyway catchall

    I have no doubt he saw them, he just refused, once again, to throw to them. I believe his penchant for throwing the long ball over taking what the defense is giving was a big part of our undoing.
  19. edwd58

    Bama Game Thread: Bama Vs Vanderbilt 1.6.22 2:30p CST SECN

    Now that all SEC games are done for today, a couple of thoughts: Auburn looked really good - but I did enjoy Musselman and crew getting drubbed. LSU played better than I thought they could/would and beat A&M on the road, that really surprised me. Ole Miss had a couple of good out of conference...
  20. edwd58

    Bama Game Thread: Bama Vs Vanderbilt 1.6.22 2:30p CST SECN

    A game of streaks today. We'd play well for a spell and then look like we'd never played together before. Still need to work on finishing games - especially when ahead. Glad to get the road win and be done with Vandy for the year.