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    For Those Who Need a Good Laugh: SEC Coaches Ranking

    You're right , I guess I meant games that could have gone either way . You could add Wash St to that list . I also was thinking total losses like LSU and FSU .
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    For Those Who Need a Good Laugh: SEC Coaches Ranking

    The barn came close to lossing 6 or 7 games last year but lucked out .
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    Grammar cop alert: home-and-home :p
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    Link: aTm Unveils Special Unis for Chick-fil-A Bowl

    You know it's got to be fake , every word is spelled correctly .
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    Alabama Dynasty Video

    As Coach Bryant would say , " That's a goody " .
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    Bama v. ND funny from Mardi Gras float in Mobile

    Love it !! Lol
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    Link: Just when I thought a group of fans couldn't get any sorrier...

    Can't take a look , they banned me years ago for looking cross eyed at their board .
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    dEAR agGie,+

    Always cracks me up .
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    Eyes on Auburn radio show earlier tonight

    What did they have to say about their 3 big wins last year ?
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    Link: This is as bad as it gets with UT fans...

    His Doctor needs to change his meds.
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    Alabama Football 2012 video

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    Anthony Madison - in the playoffs (watch the teaser titles!!)

    Re: Anthony Madison Deshea signed with Colts. Colts sign Deshea Townsend to one-year deal | National Football Post Deshea was then cut by the Colts.
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    What will be the score of next years Iron Bowl?

    If I knew the answer to that question, I'd be a millionaire.
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    Okay, now I want to barf (what about? Bad oysters?)

    I got a good laugh out of the Seinfeld video. "Wipe that smug smile off you face". It just fits so well.
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    Question: Is Mcelwain losin it?

    Maybe we should play the 2:00 offense the entire game. That was best drive of the game.
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    Thanks to board members and mods

    Agree, if we lose lets show some class. I say good game LSU, you guys played a great game.
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    dEAR aGgie,

    Ps. I know who is behind this. :biggrin: Barners blame us for everything.
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    WOW!!! What a stupid question. They don't play enough quality teams to be in the BCS.
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    Kansas: No Cell Phones or Women after 10

    This rule will definitely help instate rival K-State. They must be smiling about Gill's new rule.:)

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