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    Final Four Postgame and The Off Season Thread

    . Not sure that not having to pay for anything is a benefit
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    News Article: Alabama draws out the Haters on "Sign - Stealing"

    If it were Duke or UNC they would be praising them for their organization
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs The Lopes - Round 2 Sun TBS 6:10 CST

    November I think. Oh was that blue font?
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    Transfer Portal 2023-2024...

    70 s in Tuscaloosa today. A little cooler in Iowa
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    Question: Bowl question for the old-timers in here

    I sold programs to get in. Afterwards wished I d kept the money instead
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    BREAKING NLRB Rules that Dartmouth Men’s Basketball Players Are Employees

    Hunter Renfrow was born too early. Sorry for redundancy
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    BREAKING NLRB Rules that Dartmouth Men’s Basketball Players Are Employees

    Hunter Renfrow was born too early
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    Transfer Portal 2023-2024...

    You are confusing the Tennessee booster with Logan Young
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    Tennessee Under Potential NCAA Investigation for NIL Violations in Multiple Sports

    It is hilarious to wade in the slime of their boards and see how many of them blame CNS. Don t know why he would want to live in a vile head even if it was free
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    Talk of Kelly To Michigan?

    They will deal harshly with Liberty
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    Transfer Portal 2023-2024...

    Since the rumors are that khaki pants will take some staff with him, do any of the knowledgeable persons know which Michigan players we might have some interest in if they become available?
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    For : The Tide - Some Info

    ?AI posting
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    Transfer Portal 2023-2024...

    Seems very Harbaughesque
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    Coach DeBoer’s 2024 staff

    Well they destroyed the sec, they destroyed the bag12 and now I guess they will destroy the SEC and college football in general
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    News Article: Harbaugh wants immunity from firing in new contract

    That sounds like maybe he and his president/AD aren't that lovey dovey
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    Coach DeBoer’s 2024 staff

    I agree but I think that we have had several not pulling the same direction all the time eg kiffen, enos
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    Coach DeBoer’s 2024 staff

    I am clearly not a coach. However it seems reasonable to me that you just gave up a top 15 or 20 job in the country to take a top 3 or 4 job realizing that you are 49 and if you fail that you will not ascend back to the top 15 for a while that you would want to bring in staff that you are...
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    Transfer Portal 2023-2024...

    Hard to prove it but as rapidly as it moved including the Lamborghini and refusal to talk to CKD I am suspicious that "talks" were already underway
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    Transfer Portal 2023-2024...

    I think losing to someone that was allowed to cheat then Bond telling him he was going to Texas despite the fact that he would be WR#1 next year and having the number 1 QB in the nation on campus he just said I m tired of it

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