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    Game Preview + Matchup to Watch - UGA Week

    Another preview (no prediction) and look at our receivers v. their secondary as a matchup to watch. That matchup is going to be huge this weekend. I don't think they are going to be able take advantage...
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    CFN: Georgia vs Alabama Prediction, Game Preview

    Thanks for posting! I really think we are positioned well from the intangibles going into this game. People think with Saban out that hurts, I disagree. I think the D will be ****ed coming off last week's performance and public backlash. Also like Jones' ability to stay poised for 4 quarters...
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    Mac Jones getting recognition from CFBS

    His accuracy has been really impressive. Making the most of the weapons around him. Easier said than done.
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    Mac Jones getting recognition from CFBS

    Have enjoyed their scouting reports and they recently updated their quarterback rankings. Jones was listed as riser among the QBs. Always good to get pub EVERYWHERE for recruiting. Also, for all the bad there was last week, Harris was everything he is supposed to be...
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    JessN: Ole Miss wrap-up: Bama avoids disaster with a lowercase “d”

    Agreed, hoping he can get it together.
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    Smart was Bama’s Defense

    I don't know if that is completely true, but his defense has been better than ours this season. Hard to say but it is the truth. I just want this thing fixed yesterday.
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    JessN: Ole Miss wrap-up: Bama avoids disaster with a lowercase “d”

    OLE MISS is more talented than most ppl think, but the performance by the D was very alarming. Moses' injury was the scapegoat last year. He is healthy and we are still struggling.
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    CFBS: CFB Weekend Recap

    Bama, Bama, Bama! (Can't wait to take it to Kirby again on the 17th). In all seriousness, nice recap of a lot of stuff CFB, including our Tide.
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    SEC Shorts “It’s a wonderful life parody”

    LMAO! Thanks for sharing!
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    Waddle Injury (cramping)?

    As long as it is not a lingering issue, we are good. He has been spectacular.
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    Weather (Delta) could be an issue this weekend (also : LSU game moved to MO)

    Lot of time left but in 2020 would not be surprised if this caused some cancellations or postpones too.
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    CFN: Alabama vs Texas A&M Prediction, Game Preview

    Here is another nice breakdown of the game, no prediction though: I expect them to play tough in the first half and try to slow things down. Mond is going to turn the ball over a few times though and we...
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    2021 Prospect: 2021 Recruiting Targets

    How do folks feel about our chances at Brian Thomas Jr. Would be some pretty nice icing on the wr class.
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    LSU's Vincent Jr opting to not play

    I thought Kary Vincent was pretty darn good in the nickel. Big loss for them. That is two big contributors opting out with Vincent and Farrell.
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    2021 Prospect: 4* QB Jalen Milroe flips from Texas & commits to Bama

    Loved watching his film. Thanks TiderJack! Can't have enough talented QBs on the roster. Here is another scouting report:
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    2021 Prospect: 4* SDE Monkell Goodwine commits to Bama

    Goodwine has a ton of potential IMO. Another solid four star in the class. Remember when folks thought we were 'crootin slow this cycle???
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    2021 Prospect: 4* WR Jacorey Brooks commits to Bama

    Here is CFBS scouting report: I read that, and thought Alshon Jeffrey. Would be nice to have a bigger dude to throw 50/50 balls to. Different mold than most of the receivers we have had recently IMO.
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    2021 Prospect: 4* WR Jacorey Brooks commits to Bama

    Him transferring to IMG only helps. We have had success with guys coming from there.
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    2021 Prospect: 3* DB Kyhree Jackson commits to Bama (soon to be 4*)

    Late to the party, but RTR! Excited to see what this kid can do.

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