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    What recruiting damage is caused by Pruitt leaving?

    Just wondering how many recruits we may or may not lose now that Pruitt is jumping ship. Have to think some will go to Tenorcee with Pruitt instead of Rolling with the Tide. This kills me each year when we lose great coaches and have the threat of losing recruits with the coach who is leaving us.
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    Bama vs Fsu tix

    Wondering when these will go on sale and how does a normal guy like myself get a hold of these. I realize we still have this season to go, but I'm a plan ahead kind of guy. Roll Tide! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Texas to unload the cash truck for Saban (New Report)

    I realize this is a sore worn out redundant topic but .......My question is what the heck do we have to do to finally squash this crap. I cant stand seeing this stuff each year. What does it take. 10 million a year? I should also say this was reported by foxsports Brian Jones this morning.
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    Location for SEC NATION this weekend.

    Anyone have an idea where SEC nation will set up for this weekends game. My buddies and I are traveling from South Carolina for the game and are looking for things to do before the game other than the obvious beveraging. I saw Sec Nation tv show was coming. Just wondering where they are setting...
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    90$ Tickets available for Tennessee Game now has Tenorcee's tix that they returned. They are located in the Endzone. RTR
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    Game time for 3rd saturday in October.

    Anyone have an idea when the game time will be announced. Trying to arrange travel plans.
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    3 star linebacker Riley Cole commits

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    hotel for friday/ saturday of Tennessee

    Anybody have suggestions for hotels for these two nights? Thanks and RTR.
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    Lower bowl seating

    Just wondering how high we need to be in the lowerbowl to not have to deal with obstructions. Meaning people/players in the way of being able to see the field. Ex. At rfk the first 20 rows were bad because of everyone standing up in the way because the players were in the way because of the way...
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    Departures from this team now that season is over? siap

    Can someone do the work and list everyone we have lost due to transfer, graduation, nfl draft now that the season is over. Just curious to see everyone we have lost so far and who is projected to leave. Any info would be great! Thanks and Roll Tide!
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    Phillip Sims Status with the Team? Does anyone have any info?

    I saw Danny Sheridan tweeting about him possibly announcing his decision to transfer to UVA as soon as tomorrow??? Can anyone confirm or have any inside info. rtr
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    JUCO WR Cordarelle Patterson Updates

    Any news on whether or not Bama is seriously interested. He is a 4 star wr from juco. He is 6'4'' 205, my kind of WR! My buddy told me he is really high on bama as of late. I know he visited georgia recently. I tried to find his name to see if we have offered him a scholly. Any info would be...
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    okie st/ bama comparison/point

    Why hasnt the point about okie state being up 21-7 over iowa state been brought up. Instead people discuss that they were dealing with the bball coaches deaths, etc. I dont mean to sound unsympathetic, but was Okie St grieving when they were up 21-7 in that game. Or did they start grieving when...
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    Question about what to do in TTown????

    Mods please move if this in the wrong board. My buddies and I are coming from south carolina for the game this weekend. Some for the first time and for me its the seconds time. We will be there early friday. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what to do. Restaurant s, sights...
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    Keiwone Malone transferring to Memphis

    keiwone malone transferring To univ. Of Memphis, I guess he is leaving. Saw a tweet from Cecil hurt.
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    Tweet says WR Keiwone Malone is transferring, but his Facebook says otherwise

    Saw a tweet just a little bit ago saying he will not be.with the program anymore.
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    Almost every time I come onto this site, which is everyday, i get a virus from here. Anybody have a clue what it is from. It normally comes up as a trojan virus, at school, my computer automatically clears it, at home i have to scan my computer and delete it that way, this has become quite...
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    Cameron Indoor Stadium

    While walking to Wallace Wade Stadium, my family and I decided to try to get into Cameron Indoor to take a peek. To our surprise, they actually had it unlocked with some workers in there allowing you to walk around and take pictures. I am by no means a duke fan, obviously I roll with the tide. I...
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    QB Christian LeMay commits to Georgia

    Does anybody have any idea if we have a shot at getting him? Also does anybody know what time he is set to announce today?
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    Link: Morgan Moses commits to Virginia

    I was looking on rivals and saw that he is visiting Bama on 1/16. Is there any new information about him? I looked on the recruiting board and didnt see any info. If there is any info, please let me know. Thanks and RTR!

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