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  1. jabcmb

    News Article: Supertall Buildings Changing NYC Skyline

    Link I hadn’t paid much attention to all the new vertical construction and plans for new buildings in New York. Pretty impressive.
  2. jabcmb

    Link: WWII Navajo Codetalker Dies at 94

    Hero. (Couldn’t get the linker to work.)
  3. jabcmb

    Link: 2020 CB Javier Morton (Stone Mountain) Updates

    Link It’s a long time until 2020, but it’s news!
  4. jabcmb

    Lulu and Junior’s Tennessee Country Moments

    Lulu: that was a purty pass our quarterback threw Junior: I sure do wish I was looking that way Lulu: my truck won’t start Junior: will it turn over? Lulu: yeah but I caint lift it high enough Lulu: what color are yore socks Junior: I don’t know I can’t even see my pants Lulu: how can I get...
  5. jabcmb

    New Winner: "Best Movie Title" Ever

    I thought we had an existing thread on movie titles, but I didn't find it. There is also a 3 minute trailer out there, with language issues.
  6. jabcmb

    Link: University of Alabama ACT Scores at All Time High

    Link Glad I didn't apply in the last couple of years.
  7. jabcmb

    Link: Tennessee Picks AD

    Link John Currie from Kansas State. A sad day for El Lardo.
  8. jabcmb

    Link: WWI - Battle of Jutland Video (24 minutes) - 100 Years Ago

    There are several Tidefans who have the interest and can hopefully take the time to view this excellent video. It is a centennial production, but of such quality that I think anyone with even casual interest in a momentous WWI naval battle will be well rewarded. I became interested in the...
  9. jabcmb

    ***** 2017 OT Alex Leatherwood Enrolls at Alabama*****

    Leatherwood Commits Roll Tide, again!
  10. jabcmb

    Link: *** ATH/WR TJ Simmons (Clay Chalkville HS) Commits to Alabama ***

  11. jabcmb

    Link: Eastern Air Lines Making a Comeback

    For any airline nostalgia buffs out there, it looks like Eastern is gonna fly again. Once of the major airlines, they shut down in 1991. The new management team acquired rights and is setting up shop in Miami again. In the spirit of the Non-Sports board, I think Eastern had the best...
  12. jabcmb

    Per Cecil Hurt's Tweet, Joab Thomas Died Today

    President of the University in the 1980s. Link He was 81. He was also president of Penn State, where they named a library for him. Most credit Thomas for the botched Bobby Bowden hire. We got Bill Curry instead.
  13. jabcmb

    Vol Players Arrested Overnight

    Didn't see this posted. Viles No details of arrest given. Coach Jones first to deal with at Tennessee.
  14. jabcmb

    Four Sugar Bowl Tix, Club Level, Sec. 301, Face Value $225 each

    Row 16. Bama section. PM if interested. Birmingham area. Will sell 2 or 4. Thanks Sold
  15. jabcmb

    Chattanooga - 4 Tickets Plus Amenities

    Package includes: 4 tickets end of row in Section U1D (covered). Literally ten steps from restroom/concession stand. Elevator pass to same level, very close to seats. Parking pass in South Ten Hoor deck. Buffet lunch across street from parking deck. $240 total. Birmingham area SOLD 11/22
  16. jabcmb

    Ole Miss 2 tickets Regular Price

    Section SS-11 (upper south end zone), Row 19, seats 13, 14. $75 each. Can mail tomorrow. PM me if interested.
  17. jabcmb

    Breaking Bad Final Season

    For followers of the AMC series, who do you think will be left standing at the end? Why was the White home deserted and fenced off at the beginning of the first episode? Who gets the business end of the M60 in Walt's trunk? I think Walt would go to war for his family, for protection or...
  18. jabcmb

    Brandon Austin Commits to Bama (2015)

    RTR! from Carver High School, Montgomery, AL Link
  19. jabcmb

    News Article: Indiana Players Reacting to New Helmet Possibilities

    I love the players' reaction to the striped helmet.:)
  20. jabcmb

    Link: Chavez Dead

    Link End of a another bully. another link

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