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  1. Tider n LA

    Polls Are Out

    I guess we figured the Pac12 and Big10 would be represented since they decided to play.
  2. Tider n LA

    Pac-12 Going To Play

    The pressure got to them. No fans and they don't start until November.
  3. Tider n LA

    Leonard Fournett Cut By Jags I found this strange but maybe he is a head case. I will never forget Foster's tackle on the return and the night he lost the heisman.
  4. Tider n LA

    Tua's Contract

    Tua signed a 4 year deal worth 30.2 million with a 19.5 million signing bonus. I really hope the dolphins get their money's worth because that will mean Tua done well.
  5. Tider n LA

    Tua's Jersey Number

    What do y'all think?
  6. Tider n LA

    Chris Petersen Steps Down At Washington

    I always thought Peterson was a very good coach. How can you forget him at Boise St?
  7. Tider n LA

    Dabo's Discipline

    I see where Dabo made a player who got ejected take the bus home.
  8. Tider n LA

    Colin Cowherd has caved (watch the teaser titles)

    Colin Cowherd has been negative towards Alabama in the past but he gave in with this segment. A really good listen.
  9. Tider n LA

    Virginia Tech Player Slaps Official

    I believe the player got a 15 yard penalty but was not ejected.
  10. Tider n LA

    Something Interesting About This Weekends Game

    This will be the first game Alabama has played outside the top 10 since the 2011 Capital One Bowl. How many teams can say that. We have a little work to do but I am behind the tide until I die. ROLL TIDE EVERYONE!!!:BigA:
  11. Tider n LA

    Carr Praises Cooper

    All of us already new this.:)
  12. Tider n LA

    Oregon St WR transferring to Alabama

    I guess Bama could make a spot for him.
  13. Tider n LA

    Bowl Schedule

    Besides the 4 playoff teams, looks like some good match ups. Ole Miss-TCU, GT-Miss St, Michigan St- Baylor, etc.
  14. Tider n LA

    Early Point Spreads

    Bama is favored by about 9.5 and Oregon is favored by 8.5. Depends which service.
  15. Tider n LA

    AU gets away with another one.

    I know it helped Bama that the boogs won but they seem to get away with blatant things every week. Check this one out.
  16. Tider n LA

    Officials Admit Missing Penalty On Final Play Of USC-AU Game

    Found this interesting that auburn had two #1's on the final play but the officials missed it. Not that it would have changed anything but who knows.
  17. Tider n LA

    Julio Jones May Be Done For The Season

    Julio Jones may be done for the season with a foot injury. He is having a great year. He will seek a second opinion before a decision is made.
  18. Tider n LA

    Rumor about Gruden going to Tennessee

  19. Tider n LA

    Auburn WR DeAngelo Benton Suspended for Violation of Team Rules

    It certainly doesn't hurt my feelings to see the boogs fall apart.
  20. Tider n LA

    Miami Dolphins Considering Logo Change

    I for one am a traditionalist and I certainly hope they don't change their logo. I like the Dolphins almost as much as Bama. Please Miami, don't change your logo! I simply do not like these 21st century uniforms they are coming up with...

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