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  1. DogPatch

    Deadlift World Record Attempts

    This Sunday, at noon CDT., a couple of deadlift records could fall. Rauno Heinla of Estonia and Russia's Ivan Makarov are looking to break Hafthor Bjornsson's deadlift world record by attempting 502 kg. Former Russian Marine Mikhail Shivlyakov is looking to break the master's deadlift world...
  2. DogPatch

    Texans fire O'Brien after 0-4 start
  3. DogPatch

    Head to head Log Press World Record attempts: 10/11/2020

    "The Highland Oak" Luke Stoltman vs. "The World's Strongest Gay" Rob Kearney in an attempt to break Zydrunas Savickas' wolrd record of 230 kg. And, for anyone who would like to disparage me for using "The World's Strongest Gay," those are Rob's choice of words, and the title of his YouTube...
  4. DogPatch

    Women's World Record Deadlift Attempt: 10/4/20

    Andrea Thompson attempts to set a new women's world record in the deadlift tomorrow.
  5. DogPatch

    Atlas Stone World Record Attempts: Sunday @ 12pm CDT

    Tom Stoltman and Donna Moore look to break their own world records.
  6. DogPatch

    400kg Deadlift for reps WR attempts Sunday 9/13/20

    This Sunday at 12pm CT, Rauno Heinla and Konstantine Janashia will attempt to break the 400kg deadlift for reps world record on, Rogue Fitness' YouTube live stream, and the sports network owned by Disney, as part of the second season of the Feats of Strength series. Heinla tied...
  7. DogPatch

    World's Strongest Man events announced

    Athletes received the list of events for World's Strongest Man 2020 this week. Here they are. Heats Loading medley Truck Pull Log Lift Deadlift or Squat (depending on group) Last Man Standing Atlas Stone (2 vs 3 for a spot in finals) Finals Farmer's Walk and Yoke Deadlift Keg Toss Hercules...
  8. DogPatch

    2020 coaching carousel

    Southern Miss coach Jay Hopson resigns
  9. DogPatch

    WR Deadlift attempts 10/18/20

    As part of the second season of Coresports Feats of Strengths, October 18th will see 4 men attempting to break Hafthor Bjornsson's deadlift World Record. Four different lifters will be attempting to break the 501kg mark. They are J.F. Caron of Canada, Russia's' Mikhail Shivlyakov and Ivan...
  10. DogPatch

    Second scrimmage today

    Just drove by the Mal Moore Athletic Facility and saw the team unloading from buses going inside. Also saw a few coaches/staff walking along Bryant Dr. headed that way. Looking forward to some reports later.
  11. DogPatch

    UA System COVID Dashboard Update: 846 new cases

    846 new student cases of COVID on campus in Tuscaloosa Nothing to see here folks . . . And, imagine how great it will be in about two weeks after they've all gone off for Labor Day weekend.
  12. DogPatch

    Team picture happening now

    A friend of mine who works at UA said the team is at Bryant-Denny Stadium for the official team photo.
  13. DogPatch

    Possible reason for low COVID numbers for returning students

    Talking with my sons last night about the discomfort in being tested for COVID-19 because one had a possible exposure. They both told me that they had to swab their own nostrils for their re-entry test. The University is doing everything they seemingly can to purposefully lower these numbers.
  14. DogPatch

    Big Z wins Lithuania's Strongest Man

    For the 16th time, Zydrunas Savickas has won Lithuania's Strongest Man.
  15. DogPatch

    Atlas Stone world record attempts - Sept. 27, 2020

    September 27th Coresports will live stream TWO world record attempts for the Atlas Stone: men's and women's. "The Albatross" Tom Stoltman will be looking to break his current world record of 286 kg by attempting a 300 kg Altas Stone. Donna Moore will attempt to break the women's world record...
  16. DogPatch

    Tuscaloosa bars to close for 2 weeks starting tonight @ 5pm

    Walt's latest executive order. Bars to close for 2 weeks
  17. DogPatch

    Shaw Classic (new strongman competition) coming in December

    Just announced on 4x WSM Brian Shaw's Youtube channel, the first Shaw Classic will happen in December, barring any COVID, or other, related travel limitations. The lineup: Zydrunas Savickas (4x World's Strongest Man, 15x Lithuania's Strongest Man) Mateusz Kieliszkowski (5x Poland's Strongest...
  18. DogPatch

    Iceland's Strongest Man (day 2)

    First event: Hand over hand Hafthor Bjornsson Stefan Torfason Eythor Melsted Kristjan Arnason Ari Gunnarsson Oskar Hafstein Stefan Petursson* *Petursson is out of the competition with a detached bicep from the Farmer's Walk yesterday. Surgery in his immediate future to reattach the muscle...
  19. DogPatch

    Iceland's Strongest Man (Day 1)

    First event: Farmer's Walk Hafthor Bjornsson Ari Gunnarsson Eythor Melsted Stefan Torfason Oskar Hafstein Kristjan Arnason Stefan Petursson* Second event: Bag over bar Hafthor Bjornsson Eythor Melsted Ari Gunnarsson Stefan Torfason Oskar Hafstein Kristjan Arnason Stefan Petrusson* Third...

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