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  1. Bamaro

    College GameDay at Alabama wi/ Derrick Henry

    FYI, with Gameday being in T Town today, Derrick Henry will serve as their guest picker. He should be on around 11:30 EST...
  2. Bamaro

    News Article: Federal budget deficit hits $3.1 trillion, more than double the previous record

    Our kids are screwed. :( (n)
  3. Bamaro

    News Article: N Korea unveils new ICBM I guess its time for the orange fool and Little Rocket Man to exchange some more love letters
  4. Bamaro

    The VP debate.

    I usually dont watch the 'debates' but I may actually have to watch some of this tonight. It could get interesting. Biden, trump and Pence are all known quantities but Harris is something new.
  5. Bamaro

    TV repair question/problem

    I'm trying to diagnose a problem. When I first turn on my TV, the picture is messed up in 2 out of 3 sections. The very left third shows trails, the middle third is dark and fuzzy, the right third is fine. After about 5 or 10 minutes the whole screen looks fine. I'm trying to determine if the...
  6. Bamaro

    Science: More on climate change/global warming
  7. Bamaro

    Senate Intel. Committee releases scathing report on Trump/Russia

    From WSJ This goes further than the Mueller report and was a bipartisan report, being signed off on by Republican senators. The trump campaign was staffed by 'useful idiots' that were being used by the GRU...
  8. Bamaro

    News Article: Sea life in Mauritius dying as massive oil spill threatens endangered species

    From CBS news This is the first that I have heard of this although it happened on July 25th. I guess that oil spills have become un newsworthy. :(
  9. Bamaro

    News Article: 75 Years ago today - Hiroshima
  10. Bamaro

    News Article: A new swine flu strain found in Chinese pigs has 'pandemic potential,' experts say

    Hopefully this remains only a "possability" and never starts spreading. I cant imagine the upheavel if this becomes an issue. :eek:
  11. Bamaro

    News Article: House approves DC statehood bill, GOP calls move Dem 'power grab'
  12. Bamaro

    Grant premiers tonight at 9EDT on History channel

  13. Bamaro

    News Article: First US launch of astronauts since shuttle next week
  14. Bamaro

    Earth Day - 50 years old

    Many positive things have been accomplished but unfortunately, after 50 years, the Earth is still under siege and we are headed in the wrong direction. Climate change is real but too many still refuse to accept that fact.:(
  15. Bamaro

    News Article: 25 year ago, 04/19/95 Oklahoma City bombing
  16. Bamaro

    Poll: Biden's VP

    This poll is for who you would like to see, not who you predict, but feel free to put your prediction in comments. (List provided by WaPo)
  17. Bamaro

    Politics: 2020 General Election thread

    Its pretty obvious at this point that unless something major occurs (health, etc), it's going to be Trump and Biden. Time to transition away from the Dem primary thread. It's going to be an interesting election especially since it is taking place during a pandemic that will be around for awhile...

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