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  1. jabcmb

    I hate Tennessee week

    Lulu and Junior will be at Neyland, which will be awash in cheap whiskey and snuff juice.
  2. jabcmb

    I hate Tennessee week

  3. jabcmb

    Bama Game Thread: Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, CBS 7:00 PM

    Do you know Walter White?
  4. jabcmb

    New member intro

    I love your part of the country—moreso in the winter time. 🙂 RTR
  5. jabcmb

    Do not use you Schwanz to push elevator buttons.

    Old Paty has been remodeled, pics look nice. Yep, Paty had a rep, but I don’t know if there was anything to it.
  6. jabcmb

    2021 Prospect: 2021 Recruiting Targets

    Thanks for posting that. For those of us who like to know how the sausage is made, much appreciated.
  7. jabcmb

    Gale Sayers Dies at 77

    He was so smooth and made playing NFL football look so easy. RIP But he was getting beat up the whole time. I read somewhere he suffered from dementia for several years.
  8. jabcmb

    B1G10/11/191323 sees teams beginning to play, decides to come out of the basement starting in October.

    It’s when I see columns/comments like this that I’m glad I’ve never heard of some of these people. Any of you ever raised or been around bantam chickens? They are smaller chickens, but the rooster struts his self-importance for all he’s worth from dawn to dusk. Never takes a daylight moment...
  9. jabcmb

    Final scrimmage

    Thanks for the summary. Great to hear on DJ Dale. Hope Barmore will be OK.
  10. jabcmb

    ESPN: UGA QB Newman Opts Out

    I seem to run into this guy several times at every Bama/Ga game I ever attended. Is that possible?
  11. jabcmb

    ESPN: UGA QB Newman Opts Out

    Georgia always has the horses.
  12. jabcmb

    ESPN: UGA QB Newman Opts Out

    Maybe the all SEC schedule is looking too tough for some guys.
  13. jabcmb

    Who are some famous Irish Bama Players/Fans?

    Tidefans Store @fanatics can probably hook you up.
  14. jabcmb

    Who are some famous Irish Bama Players/Fans?

    Good grief. How was your nap?
  15. jabcmb

    Anyone watching Yellowstone?

    Yes to the hair. To me, it looks like Beth is least likely to survive. But, it’s fiction so they’ll all probably be at breakfast next morning.
  16. jabcmb

    Google's Plan to Disrupt the College Degree Is Absolute Genius

    When I was starting out, the guy training me said “the credits always go next to window.” So, I always had that inside knowledge.
  17. jabcmb

    Beatles Break-up 50 Years Ago

    I always believed it changed when Linda died. He lost his muse. Paul seems to have the ability to mentally catalog every sound he ever heard and draw on them to complement his music. Bird songs, industrial racket, his mother’s voice, etc.
  18. jabcmb

    After rockslide, scientists find 313 million year old animal tracks

    I wonder how far below the rim this rock sat before the slide. I think some rock at the bottom of the canyon is estimated 2 billion years old (that’s some schist). Sometimes I like wondering better than googling.
  19. jabcmb

    Beatles Break-up 50 Years Ago

    I just blew my drink through my nose.
  20. jabcmb

    2021 Prospect: 3* DB Kyhree Jackson commits to Bama (soon to be 4*)

    RTR! Great day for Bama !

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