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    Link: 2025 Recruiting Targets

    He kind of looks like he is taking an extra step. I wonder if he will have to speed up timing in college?
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    Bicycle riders

    Thank you. He is much better now.
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    Elderly care - Assisted Living

    My wife and I went through this last year. Bless you all @Bazza and @CB4. Both my wife's parents passed away and we were going crazy getting things set up for my mother in law and she fought us every step of the way. The expense was unreal, but independent living started off very doable. So much...
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    Bicycle riders

    I have been able to start back riding again and what I have discovered is interesting. My son went through some health issues so I did a lot of walking with him while he was recovering. Well, it was causing my back to hurt so I just started stretching a lot more every day. My back stopped...
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    Political Meme - Cartoon/Joke Thread...Part XX

    When I was younger it was always the coolest thing to stay up late to watch Johnny Carson.
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    CFB memes, tweets, images, jokes, etc.

    In a galaxy far far away, the cheerleaders used to be big draw.
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    Poll: Where is your “I’ll Be Happy With” level for 24-25?

    I'm greedy. I want us to win it all.
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    Question: Any Guesses on USF vs. Bama (Sept. 7) Gametime???

    I feel like we will. It’s going to be a blood bath.
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    Bicycle riders

    That’s cool. It looks like one of those portals from a Dr. Strange movie.
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    Jordan Palmer on what Bama fans can expect from Milroe 2024 (video)

    This is why I come to Tidefans. There is debate on both sides of this story.
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    Transfer Portal 2023-24, v2

    I think he even got a shot in the NFL.
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    Brag On Your Kid(s)

    This is some great news, sad news, but then turns in to great news again. Thank you for sharing this.
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    Josh Pate on Biggest SEC takeaways and questions post spring (video)

    I know we are getting a kicker from the portal but in a close game I am very concerned about the kicker. I don’t have much confidence based on what I saw in the spring.
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    What are the Best Traditions in College Football?

    I love the Iowa tradition of saluting the Children's Hospital between the 1st and 2nd quarter. That has to be super cool for those kids and their families to see that.
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    News Article: Brian Kelly's Take on the future of the SEC

    I love this post @BamaInBham!
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    News Article: Brian Kelly's Take on the future of the SEC

    Yes, that is how far we have come. There is a lot of money being thrown around for college football now.
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    News Article: Brian Kelly's Take on the future of the SEC

    I am hoping your comment is right on the money.
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    Transfer Portal 2023-24, v2

    I am beginning to wonder how many "Agiye Halls" there will be now since they can move around and not put in the work or effort to master their craft.
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    Cancer free!

    Man this is great news @Zorak!
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    Transfer Portal 2023-24, v2

    Or Matress King.