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    Alabama Spring Game 2024

    I was fortunate to attend Saban's first spring game in 2007. The stadium was full and we had a hard time finding a seat. The whole atmosphere was crazy. They closed the gates. There were thousands that couldn't get in to see. Will be there for sure this year. We Bama fans need to show the...
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    Nice Distraction: Justin Thomas and Nick Dunlap (A) in the American Express Final Pairing Today

    I read that his 12 under par yesterday was a record for an amateur in a PGA tour event.
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    Is Sports Illustrated DoA?

    Not sure if that affects the proposed Sports Illustrated Resort on the banks of the Warrior River in Tuscaloosa.
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    The Alabama Defense Under DeBoer / Wommack / Linguist

    Watching the DeBoer question and answer, the guy identified himself as Pubic Television, NPR. I agree the guy should have been escorted out. However, Deboer just laughed it off, saying something like "that many". I would expect as much from NPR.
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    Appreciation thread for players staying

    Thanks for staying guys. Shows a lot of class and commitment (rare these days). Looking forward to Rolling with DeBoer.
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    Green Beret Shot in Ft. Hood, a Tale of Redemption

    Amazing story. You are right, it's worth a listen. Thanks for sharing.
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    When and why did you become a Crimson Tide fan?

    Grew up in Ttown. Went to first game at 10 years old. Graduated from Bama. The Crimson Tide is in my blood.
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    The Man Gripe Thread (MEN ONLY)

    A translation App for husband/wife communications.
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    CNS buys a home in Florida

    Saban may have gotten tired of seeing Dabo on Boca when vacationing.
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    Top 10 Western movies

    Two lesser known ones that I liked were: Paint Your Wagon with Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin in 1969. The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean with Paul Newman and many other famous actors in supporting roles in 1972.
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    The last 747

    Bazza, your video was so enjoyable. It took me back in time. In 1975, I was fortunate to be able to fly to Hawaii first class. It was on Braniff Airlines and was non-stop from Dallas to Honolulu. To go up to the lounge upstairs was so cool, it's hard to describe. While there, I rode a large...
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    Top 10 Western movies

    Lots of great movies and memories. I'd like to add Rio Bravo and Hang'um High.
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    Health Issues/Prayer Requests

    Padre, You certainly have my prayers today and going forward. Take care of yourself and may you have peace during this fight.
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    National Pulled Pork Day

    This subject is a little bitter sweet for me: My first pork sandwich was from Smalley's on Convent St. near UA campus around 1967. It was great BBQ but has been gone a long time now. Vinegar based sauce. My next pork sandwich was from Archibald's in Northport around 1969. It was the best I...
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama vs. TAMU...

    I agree totally. Two examples this year of team leaders doing non-business like actions that hurt the chances of winning: 1. Our best defensive player (a junior) pushes a guy in the back after the play in the Texas game and gets a personal foul penalty. It was third down, extends the drive...
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    2022 - Teams Who Are Back, Teams Who Are Not

    Just checked the Rivals recruiting site for the state of Nebraska. For the 2023 class, the number one recruit in the state is a 4 star, rated #57 nationally and uncommitted. The number two ranked recruit is not even ranked on a national basis, but he is committed to Nebraska. The home talent is...
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    College Football TV Schedule

    Thanks for sharing. I often struggle to find out this information. We can overlook the LSU part.
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    USFL Championship

    I had forgotten to watch it. Thanks for the reminder. Got it on now.
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    The U.S. economy - Year 2022

    We are surely going to have a recession and probably a bad one, in my opinion. Being an old guy, I remember economic downturns and recessions starting with the one in 1970. Then I experienced the ones in 1974, 1980, 1991, 2009, and 2020. The outlier in the list is 1980. In that one, we had...