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  1. CB72

    Link: 2025 Recruiting Targets

    Someone got Myles Johnson flipping to the Gators.
  2. CB72

    Poll: Where is your “I’ll Be Happy With” level for 24-25?

    You can accumulate all the talent in the world but they gotta build chemistry. No doubt though, that's A LOT of talent. RTR!!!!!
  3. CB72

    Roster Management for 24-25

    CNO's is on 🔥.
  4. CB72

    Bama Game Thread: Official Bama vs Carolina Sweet 16 Game Thread - Roll Tide Fellas

    This team has no business being in the Sweet 16.
  5. CB72

    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs The Lopes - Round 2 Sun TBS 6:10 CST

    Where has Grant gone??? He hasn't done anything for awhile...
  6. CB72

    Game Thread: NCAA Round 2 General Game Thread (All Non Bama Games)

    UcheaT playing great D. Texas only has 17 with 5:25 left in 1st.
  7. CB72

    Transfer Portal 2023-2024...

    Dude commits to Iowa. Then flips too Bama. Then after a year transfers to Iowa. Doesn't even make it through spring and he's transferring back to Bama. This stuff's just ridiculous....
  8. CB72

    Question: Best individual game performances against Alabama?

    I was at that game. It was a hopeless feeling..
  9. CB72

    Question: Best individual game performances against Alabama?

    Browning Nagle. 1991 Fiesta Bowl. Lit Bama up. 20-33-451-3TD-1INT
  10. CB72

    Extremely Early 2024 Predictions

    Oh yes he is. He loses to Meatychicken again he's done.
  11. CB72

    Bama Game Thread: Bama v Gators - SEC Quarters (SECN @ 8:30 CT)

    Embarrassing... 😕
  12. CB72

    Saban on NIL during Capitol Hill NIL Roundtable (video)

    He sounds like that dude who called in rambling same stuff on Pauls show...
  13. CB72

    Saban on NIL during Capitol Hill NIL Roundtable (video)

    Miss Terry saying "why are we doing this" explains everything. All they want is money. No education. No character building. No degree to fall back on. No true love for school and loyalty. Not even 3 years and gone to get paid. They gettin paid in HS now.
  14. CB72

    Saban on NIL during Capitol Hill NIL Roundtable (video)

    They replaced perseverance and dedication and discipline with greed.....
  15. CB72

    Unions in college football

    Becoming NOT a fan of college football. Slowly but surely...
  16. CB72

    Bama Game Thread: Tennessee @ Bama [1st place on the line] (ESPN @ 7p CST)

    Grant hasn't really developed like i hoped he would have. Just 3 points tonight. At home.
  17. CB72

    Who are your top 5 Bama QBs all-time?

    Joe. A.J. Mac Bryce Tua
  18. CB72

    Omnibus Thread on SEC Teams...

    Arena isnt just for mens basketball. Women's too. Gymnastics also.
  19. CB72

    Omnibus Thread on SEC Teams...

    They gotta get this program a new awesome arena for basketball. They got that Performing arts center and new Tutwiller and all kinda new stuff and time for Coleman to be put to some other use and something new built.

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