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    MSU "We Believe(d)"

    I date a Mississippi girl and I've pretty much converted her (she stills pulls for MSU a little - like last night); so I spend a lot of time in the presence of State fans and heard a lot of smack talk leading up to this. Of course it's darn quiet today.
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    Game Thread: ut @ USCe (Lattimore update on Page 9)

    Re: ut @ USCe Terrible injury to a good kid. I hate if for him and wish him a miraculous recovery.
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    Link: Tell-tale LSU stats

    I believe if SC scores 17 (or more) they win. I just don't think that LSU can muster the offense, not buying Mettenberger until he proves something.
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    We Sit Alone At the Top...

    I somewhat agree; but we did have a heckuva drive at the end of the first half. Took the ball at the 5 (if memory serves), with very little time and went the length of the field to score. Yes, I know, it's not a top tier school, but still the offense did what was needed. As for Kenny Bell...
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    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly week 2

    The Good: AJ (minus holding the ball too long on one of the sacks) The Bad: Offensive tackle pass blocking The Ugly: Jalston's injury. Truly hope it isnt as bad as it looked.
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    **Fall Practice Thread**

    I love Jalston Fowler because of his size, but TJ was awesome in the spring game in my opinion!! Its going to be very hard to get all the rbs carries.
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    Don't You Just Hate It...(work w/LSU fan)

    Boo hoo. But then what do you say when your team is thoroughly whipped beginning with the coin toss!!
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    Link: Freshman Christion Jones & Other Players Having Some Fun at Media Day

    That is really funny; loved the part with Dre.
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    Rammer Jammer!

    Wonderful, simply wonderful!!!
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    ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. *burn****

    Rtr and happy thanksgiving everybody.
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    Special teams and *gasp* coaching

    The fg attempt after two misses was just the dumbest thing in the world to me. No way you try another; admit we don't have the kicker(s) for it and either go for it or pooch it. Dumb, dumb, dumb. AJ was, in a word, terrible last night. Then the 80 yard punt that shouldn't have been. It's...
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    Kiffin: "I was basically lied to"

    I was screaming at the tv about how stupid the play call. Figures from Kiffin though.
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    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

    The good - the way we controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The bad - kickoffs and kickoff coverage (the coverage had been great before this game). The ugly - Charlie Weiss sitting on his fat butt almost the whole game - what a waste (or is that waist).
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    I loved the game and how they played, but I do not like what I saw..........

    It was a very physical game. Early on Florida was using a lot of after the whistle or almost after the whistle antics to, imo, try and intimidate our guys. I think we just showed them that we don't get intimidated. As for McCarron after his touchdown, as I recall he had just been hit very...
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    Gigapan photo of the Alabama v Arkansas game - find yourself

    I found myself and the folks with me; I'm the only one standing in those immediately surrounding me.
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    Anyone going to the North Texas game?

    I'll be there and will have the prettiest girl in the world with me; along with my niece and two 12/13 year old boys. Their first time.
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    Duron Carter: Play or Not to Play? That is the Question!

    Would love to have him, but don't think his appearance, or lack there of, makes or breaks us.
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    Player of the game today (in my mind)

    Agree. Lacy ran the ball with toughness and speed. He is the real deal!!!
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    Poll: Will we continue to play two QB's next week.

    I, like most of the other posters, thought that the speed of the game was a little overwhelming to PS. He will get there, but imo isn't yet.
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    Bama Preseason Scrimmage Stats (limited)

    Re: Bama Preseason Scrimmage Stats While it keeps me starving for information (from the scrimmage); I think it's a smart decision by Coach.

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