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    Fun SEC Shorts article

    “For Clay and Snead, who are Auburn and Alabama fans, respectively, the goal is to find the overarching narratives that a team or the conference goes through every year.”
  2. BamaFlum

    Link: Mac Jones the next Joe Burrow?

    And more teams are playing cover 2 limited our explosiveness.
  3. BamaFlum

    Question: Barn Hate Week: How good are they?

    It’s Barn hate week! How does the Barn compare to whom we have played this year? Bo has looked better and I know they run a bunch of misdirection which has given us fits. Their defense is good but how good? I have not watched much of the barn this year.
  4. BamaFlum

    Mac Jones is an outstanding young man

    Thanks for sharing. Love to read this heart warming stories about the young men that don the crimson and white.
  5. BamaFlum

    Latest SEC shorts video

    They’ve had them occasionally.
  6. BamaFlum

    Latest SEC shorts video

    These guys are incredibly creative!
  7. BamaFlum

    LSU has Covid Outbreak

    This is what I don’t understand. I don’t understand why they can’t test all those who were in close contact a few times to see if they have contracted the virus.
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    News Article: How to fix the Chicago Bears (Hint: draft Mac Jones)

    We knew the type of football player Cam is during the Super Bowl. It’s hard to forget his aversion to jumping on a fumble during thre biggest game of the year...maybe his career!
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    Clemson ending Track & Field & CC -- Men's

    Very sad for those athletes.
  10. BamaFlum

    2021 Braves trades and acquisitions

    Didn’t the Stars win one in the late 90’s?
  11. BamaFlum

    SEC Officiating Still SEC Officiating

    That’s a good way to look at it: Auburn “has” to win while Alabama can’t afford to lose it.
  12. BamaFlum

    Coach Saban: offense NOT defense wins games now

    A D that has a good Dline is the only thing can stop the Bama O. If you could find a Dline that could disrupt passer, stuff the run, and seal the edge, that would give us trouble.
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    Coach Saban: offense NOT defense wins games now

    The way the rules have changed, of course he’s right. You could revert back to a power I run team but as soon as the other team puts up quick points, you would have to return to scoring quick. The days of grinding out games are over for now.
  14. BamaFlum

    Scientific aspects of covid...

    Looks like doctors are getting better at treating Covid:
  15. BamaFlum

    2020 Presidential Election part IV
  16. BamaFlum

    Horry: What Alabama means to me

    Love Horry. Great Bama career and great NBA career.
  17. BamaFlum

    Video: Sec shorts: Alabama, florida, and LSU are forced to attend after-school defensive tutoring

    Painfully hilarious. Love the hand raise and the firing the coach comment!
  18. BamaFlum

    McMillon's block, in 10 pictures

    Incredible breakdown. Please keep doing this. Helps those of us who never played understand the game better.
  19. BamaFlum

    Weather (Delta) could be an issue this weekend (also : LSU game moved to MO)

    This seems the most prudent thing. We can handle Oxford ‘21 and ‘22. Didn’t we have to play away back to back vs LSU several years ago?
  20. BamaFlum

    Funniemaine week 2

    If it’s a copyright thing, then how does the Official Unofficial Coach get away with his film breakdowns? - Winter is Coming! : 30% Off Sitewide!
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