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  1. BamaBoySince89

    Muschamp Has Been Shown the Door

    Do we have any room for another analyst? Link
  2. BamaBoySince89

    What’s Up With the Freshman WR’s?

    So, does anyone have any intel on Baker, Holden and Jones-Bell? Is it a possibility we see them at some point? Link
  3. BamaBoySince89

    Interesting Comment on Golding By Player

    Lewis’ comments are either nit picking for other reasons or very telling about Golding. I know many of you on here don’t think CPG would have made much difference without all the injuries but this comes straight from a player’s mouth. According to Lewis when asked to clarify what he meant by...
  4. BamaBoySince89

    Defensive Coordinator Shortlist (There is no opening as of this time)

    If in the event Saban encourages Golding to look elsewhere for another opportunity, who does Saban look to? I know he keeps a list of coaches just for this purpose but one name I would throw out there would be Charlie Strong. Thoughts?
  5. BamaBoySince89

    Bama Announces Home and Home with Florida St.
  6. BamaBoySince89

    Question: Could the 2018 Season be the Reason We See Recruiting Changes Again?

    I’m not a rules expert so somebody on here may have to sort this question out, but this is just a thought: We all saw the success on the recruiting trail by bringing in a younger staff and that also could have been the reason we lost the NCG due to the sacrifice of youth over more experienced...
  7. BamaBoySince89

    News Article: Former Alabama DB Antonio Langham Selected to Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Congratulations, he was always one of my favorite players. Top 3 DB all time at Bama IMO
  8. BamaBoySince89

    Season Predictions Across CFB

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to know everybody’s predictions this year assuming it’s not too early Playoffs: Bama, Clemson, Washington, Wisconsin Heisman Finalists: Tua/McSorley/Love 1st Coach Fired: Yaw Yaw Surprise Team: W. Virginia Biggest Bust: ND Hottest Coach Name: Kiffin Who you got???
  9. BamaBoySince89

    Let's just say Bama makes the Playoffs

    "If" Bama gets in... Will Bama be able to fix the issues on the O-Line? Will the offensive gameplan cater to more runs for Harris, Scarborough, and Jacobs? The D should get a little healthier at LB, but how will the loss of Hamilton affect them going forward, and will that translate to a...
  10. BamaBoySince89

    Going to my First Bama Game

    I've waited 28 years to finally be able to attend a game, my wife got me tickets as a early birthday gift. I'm sure many of you have been there, done that, got the t-shirt, but help a brotha out on what to do, nice place to eat, etc.
  11. BamaBoySince89

    Barn vs Barn with Lake Semi-Official Game Thread

    That team in SE Alabama is making a statement early...who you got???
  12. BamaBoySince89

    Texas A&M at UCLA Game Thread (aka The Hot Seat Bowl)

    A&M up 7-3 early on. Gotta figure the losing coach seat will be on fire after this one
  13. BamaBoySince89

    SEC Awards Predictions

    Seeing that the season is about to get rolling shortly, give me your predictions for: SEC Player of the Year (Offense) - Scarbrough (if healthy) SEC Player of the Year (Defense) - Minkah SEC Coach of the Year - Derek Mason Newcomer of the Year - Franks Game of the Year - Iron Bowl Surprise Team...
  14. BamaBoySince89

    Link: Top 100 Players for 2017

    This according to B/R I'm surprised Rashaan Evans/SDH is not listed and Ridley is the lowest ranked of all Bama players (#79) others include: #76 - Hand #72 - Harrison #42 - Jonah...
  15. BamaBoySince89

    Link: If Peyton had Left Tennessee a Year Earlier

    Never posted a link before, so forgive me if this looks off: Thoughts???
  16. BamaBoySince89

    Dabo & Nick Found this to be quite entertaining
  17. BamaBoySince89

    What Are Clemson's Weaknesses?

    Wondering if anyone has had a chance to analyze the Clem-Pitt, Troy, and NCSU games to see some of their tendacies and how we can exploit them. I only caught the tail end of the Pitt game so I don't know what caused Clemson's D/O fits "Roll Tide"
  18. BamaBoySince89

    Link: When being a fan goes wrong This guy...
  19. BamaBoySince89

    Link: AP Poll Is Out And....

    Louisville jumps to #3 (to the surprise of no one), ND is out. Texas falls 10 spots. I'm starting to be a believer that polls shouldn't come out until the 1st week of October at the earliest.
  20. BamaBoySince89

    Question: How Impressed Are You With The RBs???

    Given, our O-Line play has been unspectacular so far... I'd give a nod to Harris and Emmons as my 1-2 punch. I'm a little surprised by Scarborough though. I guess I was one of those who bought into all the hype. - Winter is Coming! : 30% Off Sitewide!
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