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  1. TideMan09

    Link: Watch Mississippi State commit boom 60-yard field goal in Alabama HS game

    Dadgum..Would love to have his leg kicking in Crimson instead for The Dawgs.. Here's The Link..Click Me
  2. TideMan09

    Here's A Pretty Cool 2017 Alabama Desktop Theme I Found

    It's been a longggg time since I looked for a new desktop theme & came across this one I've never seen..I thought some of y'all might like it as well cause it looks great on my laptop & on my Samsung as well..I will add more if I see anymore nice theme's & feel free to add any Crimson Tide...
  3. TideMan09

    Link: Devon Gales, Paralyzed By Hit Against Georgia, Is Walking Again

    That sure made my day after I read this article I came across on Twitter..My hats off to the Georgia Football Team for all they've done to help Devon & his Family.. Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  4. TideMan09

    Link: SIAP..United Gets L.A. Coliseum Naming Rights In College-Record Deal

    It's a slow time & hope the Mods don't mind me posting this Non-Bama article.. I guess that's one way to get a boatload of $$$$ to offset renovations of the stadium itself..But..I imagine Trojan Fans isn't going to enjoy seeing the "United" name plastered all over their TV sets come kick off...
  5. TideMan09

    SIAP..Mercedes-Benz Stadium Roof Causing More Delays

    If they can't get the roof issues fixed at Atlanta's new stadium & it's prolly not going to happen..It looks like we will get one more game in The Dome, that's a good thang, because Bama has a great record at The Dome & I'd just assume play there one last time.. Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  6. TideMan09 Check Out This Pic Of Julio & DHenry In The Weightroom..

    I just saw this pic posted on Twitter & thought it was an awesome pic of them..Dang..I sure miss watching those stiff arms they delivered on those poor defenders while playing for The Crimson Tide..LOL
  7. TideMan09

    Here's The "Rammer Jammer" From Death Valley Last Night

    "Hey Tigers, Hey Tigers, Hey Tigers, We Just Beat The Hell Out Of You"
  8. TideMan09

    Link: Chad Kelly Was Involved In Buffalo High School Football Brawl Tonight

    Well Alrighty Then..I known it involved his brother, but, you just can't come from the stands getting involved in a situation on the football field.. Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  9. TideMan09

    Link: Alabama Couple Charged With Sexually Torturing Renter

    This happened about 6 miles from where I live, I don't know if I should be embarrassed or scared that it happened close to where I & my kids live..I reckon none of us are immune from the freaks of the world..LOL Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  10. TideMan09

    Alabama's Intense March To The Field, Raw And Uncut

    WOW!!!!!..That's the only word I can describe the pride I get watching our Boy's walking out of the locker room going to battle..It's pure intensity & not nothing like the idiotic crawl entrance The Trojans did..Welll..They did crawl back to the locker room as well so it's all good..
  11. TideMan09

    Link: Richard Mullaney Signs With Dallas Cowboys

    Just saw on Twitter that Richard Mullaney has signed with Dallas & wanted to give him props that is well deserved..This made my night seeing this cause he put in a lot of blood, sweat & tears during his long journey to get where he's at right now in his football career..Great job Richard &...
  12. TideMan09

    Link: USA Today Names Reuben Foster Best LB'er In College Football Entering 2016

    It's always great to see our Players getting well earned Preseason love & hype Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  13. TideMan09

    Link: Report: Full Details Of Kirby Smart’s Georgia Contract Have Been Released

    Dadgum..I'm truly happy to see Coach Smart become one of the highest paid HC's in college football, looks like the Georgia "Power's That Be" finally wised up, by opening up the checkbook, with $$$$$ incentives to win at Georgia.. I hope they'll be happy with coming in 2nd place in the SEC...
  14. TideMan09

    Link: Media Drives Focus More On Negative Than Positive

    Finebaum interviews both Coach Saban & Coach McElwain in the video..I love how Coach Mac stood up for the program Coach Saban runs at Bama & that he runs as well at Florida, not all schools are "Win At All Cost" type schools when the right HC's are running them..Alabama & Florida both are...
  15. TideMan09

    Link: Nation's top All-Purpose Running Back Has Alabama In Top 5

    It would be awesome to add D'Andre to our RB stable if he chooses Bama..Great looking RB.. Here's The Link..CLICK ME I searched the recruiting forum for a thread on D'Andre Swift & didn't find one, I'm just going to start this one, if I overlooked another thread please move this to it Mods &...
  16. TideMan09

    Link: Alabama Offers Scholarship To 8th Grade Linebacker Jesus Machado

    As long as Coach Saban is still our HC in 2020 when Jesus Machado becomes a high school senior..All will be right in the college football world & I have no problem with us offering a Junior High football player..It makes ya wonder just how crazy the recruiting world will become in the future...
  17. TideMan09

    Link: Christion Jones Joins Canadian Football League Team

    Just saw this article about Christion joining the CFL & thought y'all would enjoy seeing how his career has progressed..Christion was a favorite of mine at Bama & a great ambassador for The Tide.. Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  18. TideMan09

    Link: Verne Lundquist To Be Replaced By Brad Nessler

    SIAP..What do y'all think about Brad Nessler replacing Uncle Verne as Gary Danielson's announcing partner .. Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  19. TideMan09

    Link: No. 5 Ranked & 4* RB Anthony McFarland Calls Coach Saban The "God Of Football"

    No. 5 Ranked & 4* RB Anthony McFarland Calls Coach Saban The "God Of Football" Dadgum..His video is impressive as any RB in this recruiting class, he's got blazing speed, he's got great vision & patients allowing a hole too open up..Plus..He can cut on a dime going full speed & plays at a high...
  20. TideMan09

    Link: Construction Underway For The Army's High-Tech Future Helicopter For 2030s

    Just saw this on Twitter & thought it was pretty dadgum cool..I'd dang sure hate to see these bad boys gunning at me.. Here's The Link..CLICK ME - Winter is Coming! : 30% Off Sitewide!
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