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  1. 2003TIDE

    YoutubeTV price increase

    YoutubeTV caved to ViacomCBS and agreed to bundle all the worthless old Viacom channels in order to have CBS. Now they are increasing prices $15/mo to $65. That is back to the cost of cable. Any of you guys YoutubeTV customers? Are you planning on going elsewhere now?
  2. 2003TIDE

    Update on the war on drugs and the overreach of LEO's in GA

    I remember posting about this back when it happened, but refresher story LEO's here in GA were using roadside instant drug tests with a high false positive rate. In Macon, the sheriff's dept pulled a lady over who had a bag of blue cotton candy in her car. Officers Billy Bob and Barney...
  3. 2003TIDE

    Issue loading threads on mobile

    This is a long shot because I'm not sure anyone else has the WebEx Teams app on IOS, but every time I try to open a thread IOS tries to open a 0KB file named "sync.gz" with Teams. I can browse the main forums fine. It's just when i try to look at a thread.
  4. 2003TIDE

    Australian school apologises for 'suggestive' saint statue

  5. 2003TIDE

    Police kill man in MS while serving warrant at wrong address Police are at it again "protecting" the citizens. They shot him through the door. I'm sure this will be "justified".
  6. 2003TIDE

    Non-Sports Safe Space Thread

    This thread is for anyone that has experienced a micro-aggression, felt triggered, or been wronged on NS. Please only post pictures of bunnies, kittens, or rainbows. ***** TRIGGER WARNING*****
  7. 2003TIDE

    Link: Coming soon to a police department near you.... The Drug Whisperer!

    In an effort to make money in the great police budget bonanza we call the "War on Drugs," police have created a certification where they can just look at you and determine what drug you are on. Apparently this is needed since scientific test like urine and blood samples "come back wrong all...
  8. 2003TIDE

    US launches 50 cruise missiles into Syria

    Feel like this needs its own thread. Discuss.
  9. 2003TIDE

    Looks like McClain's second chance in the NFL is over for good

    Suspended for another year. I guess he failed another drug test while suspended for the last failed drug test. What an idiot. I think one of the greatest coaching feats CNS did while at BAMA was keep Ro under control...
  10. 2003TIDE

    Anyone watched The Business of Amateurs yet?

    It was just released this weekend. Looks pretty interesting. I'll probably be renting it on Amazon tonight to check it out.
  11. 2003TIDE

    Things SEC fans say

    Saw this on Reddit. Thought it was pretty funny.
  12. 2003TIDE

    Anyone else see this month's Delta Sky Mag cover?

    LINK Saw this on my flight yesterday and got a pretty good chuckle. When I think of CUM I the word leadership doesn't come to mind when I think of him creating a "culture." He must be reformed since his UF days.
  13. 2003TIDE

    Link: LA cops shoot unarmed guy in the head Nothing to see here. Move along
  14. 2003TIDE

    Link: Looks like the anti-vaxxers are creating a nice little outbreak. All I can do is shake my head. Anti-vaxxers are nothing but freeloaders that are banking on the heard immunity of all the kids who are vaccinated to keep their kids healthy. Nothing a case of measles...
  15. 2003TIDE

    R.I.P ESPN's Stuart Scott

    Lost his battle with cancer today. I will always remember his SportsCenter commercials. Those are some classics.
  16. 2003TIDE

    Game Thread: Outback Bowl

    Alvarez just can't make up his mind if he is AD or coach.
  17. 2003TIDE

    News Article: Taxpayer coster per ISIS fighter killed.... $909k

    Taxpayer cost per ISIS fighter killed.... $909k Interesting. Never seen a number put on it. I'm not saying they don't deserve what they get, but we don't seem to be very efficient per dollar spent. How much does a nuke run...
  18. 2003TIDE

    News Article: The World is becoming a better place

    This is an interesting article pointing out that statistically over the last century or even last few decades the world has become a better place in terms of violence. I think it shows how much control 24hr news has over the perception and psyche...
  19. 2003TIDE

    Camera policy at the SECCG?

    Anyone know the camera policy? I know BDS you can bring one in as long as the lenses are less than 6". The back of the tickets don't specify. I don't have a full size DSLR. It's a compact camera, but has detachable lenses.
  20. 2003TIDE

    Auburn pipeline of UGA thugs continues Domestic violence and double cashing checks - Winter is Coming! : 30% Off Sitewide!
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