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    Dead Period Extended to April 15

    Just got word Dead Period has been extended through April 15th for all sports.🤷‍♂️
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    State of Alabama defense

    First, I was so frustrated all night with the defense that I couldn’t even complete my post in the second half game thread. Like I said in a earlier post I get offenses have evolved and rules have been changed to benefit offenses but for the life of me I don’t understand our defensive philosophy...
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    UGA Stadium Capacity

    Either they are doing a better job of spacing people out than Bama or it is above the 20% capacity rule. The more they show the crowd there is no way it is 20% capacity.
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    LSU's Vincent Jr opting to not play

    Has opted out of playing season for Lswho. Geez guess Cookie Monster might be like Oscar the Grooch and living in a trash can after all of the early NFL guys and now his best defensive guy not playing this season.
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    2021 first round WR

    Bama could make history with back to back years of two WR being drafted in the first round in 2021. I think Jalen and Devonta both have a good shot.
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    About time to get cranked up

    Anyone have any offseason news about the baseball team? What is the outlook for 2020? Hope we see some light at the end of the tunnel this year.
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    DeVonta Smith Staying with the Tide

    I have a feeling he goes too. So the only ones coming back will be Leatherwood and Moses. Moses is still a question mark even though he says things have been cleared up. I have come to the realization that we are signing kids that will be three years and done, if they start their sophomore or...
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    Time for our D to step up

    They have heard all week about how good the other teams defense is and how dominant their front 5 are. Yes they have been but it is time for our young D lineman and RD to play with a fire in their belly. It is time for the LB’s to come down hill and take Boobie on and whoever it is running the...
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    Sam Praytor

    Is he hurt? I have not seen him in the lineup or heard anything about a injury. - Winter is Coming! : 30% Off Sitewide!
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