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    FBI Probe of College Basketball

    Nothing to see here just move along...
  2. bamacon

    Bama Game Thread: Official Postgame Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    They honestly might. LSU has the most unsound and utterly undisciplined defense I’ve seen in YEARS. Unless they make some profound improvements it will be a skull dragging session of epic proportions!!!!
  3. bamacon

    Bama Game Thread: Official PostGame Thread - Bama vs. Vols...

    We have 2 really good WR who are true FR. I think we might see Baker in the coming weeks. I thought Slade did great considering. He ain't JW but he can do many of the things JW did that don't make the highlight reels. He ain't a scrub and must be accounted for, and like JW (who's a HELLUVA...
  4. bamacon

    Waddle injured on opening KO return (out for season)

    Just got to be positive both for JW and the team! Just like CNS said, "We got players!" Hell, I watched them win a NC in 2018 starting the 5th string LB for the playoff semifinal and CG. I got faith that the boys will step up for JW!!! ROLL TIDE!!! Prayers for JW for a successful surgery and...
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    Ishmael Sopsher has Entered the Transfer Portal

    Plenty of teams that can use the help.
  6. bamacon

    Pick The Score: Bama vs thirteenessee

    45-20 Bama
  7. bamacon

    Bama Game Thread: Official PostGame Thread - Bama vs. UGA...

    My biggest concern was that the Coaches were not putting the players in a position to succeed. This was especially true on defense. I think Coach said LET THEM PLAY and not over scheme and confuse them. It was a profound difference and should give them confidence in themselves. also, Sark was...
  8. bamacon

    Bama Game Thread: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. UGA, 1st Half, CBS 7:00 PM

    Finally , Bama actually benefits with ONE second left!!!!!
  9. bamacon

    Bama Game Thread: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. UGA, 1st Half, CBS 7:00 PM

    There's reason. Big kick by WR!!!
  10. bamacon

    Bama Game Thread: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. UGA, 1st Half, CBS 7:00 PM

    The reason everyone is dejected is that they know it will be 31-17 before Bama gets the ball again. Smart management by UGA. Horrible clock management by AL. They HAVE TO HELP the defense by controlling TOP. The defense has no chance. Guys are wide open literally all over the place. CPG...
  11. bamacon

    State of Alabama defense

    DW was playing HERO ball. It was just a selfish play that we all would have been marveling about had he made the pick. Problem was that he was the contain. I guarantee you he will be saying “my bad” today in the film room.
  12. bamacon

    State of Alabama defense

    I also do truly think that CLK has probably been game planning for this game since they started back practicing. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he did a Clempson and began practicing for Bama weeks ago. He wanted Sooooooo BAD to be the FIRST assistant to beat Daddy.
  13. bamacon

    State of Alabama defense

    Trust me ain’t alone. A common joke involves the idea that maybe CPG has all the pictures as leverage;)
  14. bamacon

    Game Thread: Hawgs vs Barn (Aub 30-28) Final Jordan Hare Stadium Prevails Again

    I don’t know if I agree because an AU and an Arkansas player both kept going and it was clearly possessed by the Ark player. I don’t know how “immediately” is defined but it didn’t take that long.
  15. bamacon

    State of Alabama defense

    I’d say the run defense was by far the most disappointing and worrisome aspect of the game last night. Zero push and in fact they were getting annihilated on the front. Will Anderson just has to learn how to rush with more discipline but that’s to be expected. He’s going to be an absolute monsta!
  16. bamacon

    State of Alabama defense

    We have a Pelini...his name is Golding. The only difference is that our offense is much better.
  17. bamacon

    Can Mac Jones work himself into a top draft pick?

    And even more importantly he stays in the pocket. There are currently starting QBs in the NFL that still don’t do that. I absolutely think he could get drafted quite highly.
  18. bamacon

    Do you think Ole Miss was really stealing defensive play signals?

    I don’t really care if they did. It’s an excuse and CNS always has bad things to say about excuses so why even throw it out there? You know how everyone else will jump all over that so why why why say it? Just say that they tore you a new one and that we’ll work to get it fixed.
  19. bamacon

    CFN: Alabama vs Ole Miss Prediction, Game Preview

    Yup. If UK had stayed with the running game they’d have won against OM. The last few series in that game were mind-blowingly bad.
  20. bamacon

    Pick The Score: Bama vs Ole Miss

    And the OM defense could very well negate that. Still thinking the secondary has some kinks in it that LK will exploit but it won’t be enough. 52-27 With Bama having a huge rushing day. - Winter is Coming! up to 65% off!!
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