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  1. bamacon

    Poll: NFL Draft: How many Tide players go in 1st Round?

    Since the year where not ONE player got drafted CNS and the Crimson Crew have taken the NFL by storm. How many of the guys go this year? It seems that there are at least 3 “locks” but since the draft can be so crazy I started at 2. I’ve been looking at a LOT of mocks and I’d say 85% have 5...
  2. bamacon

    News Article: ESPN: Way-too-early Top 25 poll Sorry, I’m still laughing at where they had Texas A&M and Auburn.
  3. bamacon

    Poll: Josh Jacobs up for Rookie of the Year- GO VOTE BAMA FANS

    Josh Jacobs up for Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year Award
  4. bamacon

    News Article: Sadly Ed Aschoff has died Didn’t see this posted but so young and so sad for his friends and family. Praying for them.
  5. bamacon

    Question: CFP SEMIFINALS Crystal ball: how will it go?

    While I hate that Bama won’t be there I take solace in that I have clear teams I can pull for. B1GTide, and Buckeye Nation.... PLEASE beat the crap out of Clemson!!! needless to say I hope Jalen runs wild over Coach Blow and LSPEAUX. OU even has the correct colors 😎 GO BUCKS AND BOOMER SOONER...
  6. bamacon

    Alabama: Fight on thread...Team ain’t gonna QUIT! ROLL TIDE!!!

    Just want to say that prayers go out to Tua, Raekwon, Dale, and Ruggsy and to let the boys know we have their back and will support them 1000%. I know folks are down and out but there is still so much to play for and now the time to dust off, come together, and fight like hell. The boys in...
  7. bamacon

    Alabama: Uniforms and Tradition

    Just turned on the Texas and TCU game and GOOD GRIEF!!! These might be the worst color scheme unis I’ve seen in a minute. This really makes me appreciate the Bama and Penn St. uniforms that much more!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. bamacon

    Tanking for Tua??? The Dolphins ain’t alone!

    After 5 weeks I can guarantee you that some organizations are truly considering the idea of having the real possibility of being able to draft Tua. There are now SEVEN winless teams. While I don’t think the Arizona Cardinals will be aiming for a QB after drafting Kyler I can absolutely see all...
  9. bamacon

    Question: Question: Where would you most like Bama players to go in the NFL? Where could they

    I used to hate the NFL but now I follow it again because of Bama! I truly appreciate the success the guys have had in the NFL where they can fulfill lifelong dreams and demonstrate the skills that many honed and refined at the Capstone. I think it’s neat and I follow all the teams that have...
  10. bamacon

    News Article: Robert Foster: another Bama gem paying it forward. Very cool.

    Image-1.jpg Robert Foster’s act of kindness drawing attention Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. bamacon

    Question: Heisman Trophy: I’m thinking serious changes need to be made

    To me the Heisman needs a reboot. Any thoughts? One main thing they should do is wait until after the bowl games. DeShaun Watson was a Heisman player and should have won last year IMO. Another is integrity. Does it matter? This year Baker will win and character should count. This is what...
  12. bamacon

    Mullen to Florida

    Seems like he will be a good fit.
  13. bamacon

    Question: Who Will Be the Unlikely Hero in the Iron Bowl?

    Playing off the question posted on I thought it would be interesting to see what Tidefans nation think. I think it will be a pair of youngsters Jerry Jeudy and Irv Smith I think AU will overcompensate in trying to shut down #3 and Jalen will have to find another target. It could mean...
  14. bamacon

    Question: How Many Targets Remaining can be Added to the Class?

    Nobody finishes or makes the numbers work better in recruiting than CNS. I guess that makes this a two-part question on how many more signees does Bama have room for and what does the big board look like? I'm guessing we're pretty full and have a great class but what LOVE to add to the DL...
  15. bamacon

    Question: Question: OL/DL fatigue with 99 plays

    I heard someone mention on the radio that Bama fans saying the Defense was gassed due to the 99 plays was no excuse. Correct me if I'm wrong but I also thought I've heard from former players that the energy expended by the DL is much more than the OL. Does anyone know because it seemed like Bama...
  16. bamacon

    Question: Question: Why do Off. Coordinators go away from success?

    I know it all drives us crazy but why do they insist on fixing stuff that is NOT broken until it is? I'm watching this horrible bowl game between two 6-6 teams and they've both done this. Both teams are running the ball with ease and success and scoring. Then 3 straight passes and a punt for...
  17. bamacon

    Question: Any of your favorite NFL teams looking at Bama players?

    I always look forward to the draft to see these guys that have given so much to my alma mater and such joy to me as a football fan have their hard work pay off. This year we will have an insane first 2 rounds. Heck, even the top 10 may see 3-4 Crimson clad young men shake the commissioner's hand...
  18. bamacon

    New Coach at LSU - announcement at 1:00 EST (12:00 CST)

    Guess they weren't kidding Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. bamacon

    News Article: How Bama Built This Year's Defense I thought this was a really neat look back at how these players have blossomed and how scouts were writing about them during the recruiting process. How quick the time flies!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - Winter is Coming! up to 65% off!!
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