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  1. dayhiker

    BREAKING Saban tests positive for COVID again - no CNS on the sideline for Iron Bowl

    Has it again? No, he has it for the first time now.
  2. dayhiker

    CFN: Alabama vs Auburn Prediction, Game Preview

    I've gotten a chuckle out of the spread for this game being an even bigger number than the Bama versus Jacksonville State basketball game that will be played tomorrow.
  3. dayhiker

    Please delete or ban my account. The posters on this forum suck

    Why don't you deactivate it yourself instead of acting like what you're describing as bad form?
  4. dayhiker

    NCAA rules on BAMA's case with former Athletics Admin Kobie Baker ...

    The fine is $5000 + 1% of the basketball budget. What an odd way to do the fine.
  5. dayhiker

    Gems on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video (Prime)

    From Ted Lasso: Rebecca: Ted. Just the man I wanted to see. Ted: Hey, boss. Rebecca: Your decision to bench Jamie Tartt was very brave. Ted: Thank you. Rebecca: I mean, a masterstroke. Ted: I don't think we're allowed to talk like that at work anymore.
  6. dayhiker

    Gems on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video (Prime)

    I really enjoyed that show.
  7. dayhiker

    Gems on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video (Prime)

    I've been watching Ted Lasso on AppleTV. It is absolutely hilarious. In the first episode, the cabbie taking him from the airport to the soccer club drives him to Tower Bridge for some quick sight seeing for his first London experience. In the previous shot, the cabbie says, "Ok, this is...
  8. dayhiker

    Muschamp Landing Spots

    I agree, he needs to go be an excellent DC somewhere.
  9. dayhiker

    Muschamp Landing Spots

    I hereby nominate him as the 2021 Auburn University Head Football Coach.
  10. dayhiker

    Official 2020 BAMA Basketball Preseason thread

    If so, it'll be on the athletic department website.
  11. dayhiker

    Anyone watching Yellowstone?

    I had a Beth sighting last Thursday. I was exiting I65 in Montgomery south of town at about 8:30 in the morning. A blond woman was walking from under the overpass towards the truck stop to my right. She had a loose sort of sweat shirt and had that Beth confident swagger. She was clearly on...
  12. dayhiker

    What are you listening to (Music) II

    I'm still listening to a good bit of Tyler Childers. This starts off with the backstory of the song and then he launches in. I really like his writing. He's saying the Catholic girl praying for him is the only chance his Free Will Baptist self has.
  13. dayhiker

    2021 BAMA bball Recruiting thread ...

    Michigan now has (3) PF's in this class. That's interesting.
  14. dayhiker

    2020 Presidential Election Part V

    Her lock'em up past is what pushed me away from their ticket. If they win, I bet there's a 90% chance that she finishes the term.
  15. dayhiker

    2020 Presidential Election Part V

    Since I'm in AL, I look at voting 3rd party as a protest vote. It's at least the third time in a row for me.
  16. dayhiker

    2020 Presidential Election Part V

    Trump being Trump and Biden's obvious cognitive decline are the reasons why I'm voting Jo.
  17. dayhiker

    2020 Presidential Election Part V

    She was until this year.
  18. dayhiker

    2021 BAMA bball Recruiting thread ...

    Evidently he got a crystal ball to UM on 247. Edit: He got 3 CB's to UM. 2nd Edit: Now it's showing him as a hard commit. - Winter is Coming! up to 65% off!!
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