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  1. Blindside17

    Future at the running back position.

    I know it was against a over matched tired defense. But I think the immediate future is in good hands at running back with McClellan and Roydell Williams carrying the rock. Both looked very solid running tonight and they both provided some unexpected highlights in the game tonight in my...
  2. Blindside17

    Trey Sanders breakout game??

    Taking into consideration the guys will be playing on a wet sloppy field Saturday night,and based on what Ole Miss has given up against the run so far.I can't help but think we will try to establish the run early and often. We know Harris will get his and Robertson should have a nice night. But...
  3. Blindside17

    Final scrimmage
  4. Blindside17

    First Scrimmage Report (8/29/20)
  5. Blindside17

    Practice Report

    I have been searching but have not come across any kind of practice report. We usually get one. Anybody seen or heard anything?
  6. Blindside17

    2021 Prospect: DL Tunmise Adeleye

    I see where this kid has de-committed from the Buckeyes. Would Bama go after him or is there even room for him? He is a beast so I could only guess we will get after him.
  7. Blindside17

    The effect on senior players and scholarship numbers if no season is played.

    Just curious how everyone feels if we do indeed have no football this year which is becoming a more realistic possibility daily. Will the senior players be granted another year? If so then obviously the scholarship limit will have to be raised to be able to bring in this upcoming signing class...
  8. Blindside17

    2021 Prospect: 4* LB Ian Jackson

    What time today is his announcement. Things look good for us.:)
  9. Blindside17

    Playing TCU in the place of USC.

    It is looking highly likely Bama will not play USC in September in the opener. LA looks like it's going to be pretty much on lockdown until August. That being said I think TCU would be a good replacement game which has already been discussed today. It would also give Bama the chance to even up...
  10. Blindside17

    Bama vs Auburn

    Call me crazy but I think the Tide wins tonight. Auburn is in perfect position to be upset, and I think this will we the big win we need to really get us going.
  11. Blindside17

    Remaining Recruits for this class

    So we are at 23 commits right now, provided they all stick, I am guessing we still have room for 5-6 of course we will have a better idea in a few weeks after the early signing period. Who do we feel like we have a good shot at taking this last few spots. The class looks really solid right now... - Winter is Coming! up to 65% off!!
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