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    For You Folks Who Like Stats...

    IMO, there are some tellings stats that lean the game in our favor tonight. Consider these... We've played six of the current top 25 teams in CFB (4,5,11,18,19,23) and beaten them by an average of 36-16. Clemson has played three of the current top 25 teams (3,19,20) and beat them by an...
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    Sony Michel

    When UGA reviews the film from last night's game, they're going to be kicking themselves when they see how little they used #1 late in the game. Of all their RB's, he was THE beast. At the start of the 4th Quarter with UGA up by 10, Michel ripped off runs of 10, 5, and 13 yards... and by the...
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    Difference in Saban and Malzahn

    I know there are others, but yesterday's pressers really paint the picture well. In talking about the overall class breakdown, Malzahn tried to give the impression that they got every recruit they had "targeted for a long time" where Saban frankly said "we wanted to add another WR, but you...
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    Heisman Runner-Up

    Don't know about the rest of you guys, but I've got Jeremy Johnson running a close second to Henry for the presentation tomorrow. :eek:
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    Importance of Off Week

    Alhough most realize an off week during the season allows teams to improve their health of dinged-up players, there's a couple of things to be said about it that showed up in the game Saturday. First, an off week gives the staff more opportunities to evaluate players and make corrections in...
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    Met OSU's Zach Smith

    While boarding my connection in Baltimore Wednesday evening, followed a guy onto the plane that had "Ohio State Football" on his shirt and bag. Assuming it was a staff member, I asked and learned it was Zach Smith (WR coach). With the flight coming into B'ham, I asked him who he was coming to...
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    Two tickets in East stands (Section EE, Row 14, Seats 1&2) and parking pass to Coleman Coliseum. Asking $90 for the package. Can meet in Tuscaloosa area at any time prior to game Saturday. Email me at Thanks for looking.
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    Expectations for Remainder of Season?

    I believe early in Saban's tenure, it was difficult to predict what kind of season a Bama team would have after its first-game success. However, this far into CNS's tenure, I believe it's intriguing to consider two facts. First, the 2012 Michigan team is better than either 2008 Clemson and...
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    6 Major Factors In Our BSCCG Win

    Here are some important things that I believe led to the beatdown last night in New Orleans... a beatdown that after the first half, left the LSU players in a state of dismay (Herbstreet pointed it out in the 3rd). One, embarrassment from November. Coaches and players didn't speak about it...
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    Auburn Will Beat Florida in Two Weeks

    Calling it now... even before Brantley getting injured, having to face two defenses the caliber of Bama's and LSU's in back-to-back weeks will have them beaten to a pulp. I used to remember Arkansas under Houston Nutt when CMS was here... our game a week after playing them was usually subpar...
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    Maple Street Press Bama Edition

    Have bought this magazine for the past three years, and it has become my favorite of all the magazines due to the fact the writers are familiar with the team. Reading the past 3 years, an average fan could quickly grasp the 3-4 defense concept, blitz schemes run in the 3-4, and the running game...
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    Comparison of 2010 UA and 2004 LSU

    For me, it's interesting to notice that there may be some similarities between us this year and the Tigers of 2004. The year previous, for both teams, was a year of dominance and a team heavy on upper classmen. LSU had 17 of 24 starters who were either juniors or seniors... UA had 19 of 24...
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    Biggest Loser Today May Be the Barn

    If things turn out to be a beauty contest for human pollsters, a one-loss AU is probably not going to have a chance to get to the BSCCG. They really needed us to stay at one loss and USC to stay at two... especially USC's situation.
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    Help Identify a BDS song

    Sometime in the second half on Saturday during a break, there was a song that was being played with a chorus that goes something like: "Singing whoa, oh, ohh, oh" It kind of reminds me of a dance/jazzy kind of beat and one guy with a lower-pitched voice is singing the song. Anyone know which...
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    Augusta State Observations

    After watching the game in person, thought I would post a couple of items of interest to everyone. First, it seems like we made a concerted effort tonite to work on the half-court game... AS didn't exactly kill our running game, and it appeared we were trying to get some game experience in that...
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    Restaurants to visit on game weekends

    Since it hasn't been asked yet, but will be, thought I would go ahead and start the restaurant thread and try to update out-of-towners about some of the old and new restaurants in town (I live in Northport). * Homestyle food: Slight price increase at City Cafe, but it's still a deal (got to...
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    This Year's Donta Hightower?

    Just discussion for fun. Last year, Donta Hightower came from under the radar to end up being one of the top five players in the incoming class as far as the potential factor goes. Who among this year's class fits the bill? BTW, all the higher ranked four-stars and five-stars wouldn't fit the...
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    Note on incomers qualifying

    Just as some have been somewhat surprised by Dial's inability to qualify, I will mention a couple of things that I've come by in the past year about this particular crop of signees. First, according to Saban, this is an unusual type of situation across the nation in regards to...
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    How the Numbers Work Out for the 09 Class

    As it stands right now, I have us at 83 schollied players IF Tiffin/PJF are on scholarship. From that number, we deduct 9 seniors... which brings us to a total of 74. Take away from that number two for juniors leaving and you're at 72. I look at our roster and see anywhere from 8-12 players...
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    Top 5 Surprises Thus Far

    After having 24 hours to absorb/sort through what I watched last night, there are several surprises that showed themselves last night. First and foremost was the overall attitude of the team. One of the hallmarks of Saban's team at LSU was their "hit em in the mouth" attitude... an idea he...

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