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  1. CoolBreeze

    Happy Birthday Latest Bama Dynasty - 14 years and counting...

    Got this from Barstool. 14 years ago Nick Saban arrives in T-Town with a dream:
  2. CoolBreeze

    SEC Team Recruiting Rankings 2020

    This is a pretty wild looking breakdown on SEC recruiting. Half the conference posted in the top 10 of the 247 ranking. There are 9 teams in the top 25 and only 3 outside the top 30. Jimbo is making a splash in his second year, Barney finished strong, Mullen is closing the gap and look at...
  3. CoolBreeze

    2020 Prospect: 4* DE Alfred Collins

    I did not see a thread on Collins. Since I want him I am putting him on the board :)
  4. CoolBreeze

    Game Thread: King Henry vs Chiefs

    Was looking for this thread and couldn't find it. Just got the feeling the Chiefs are destined to get through but King Henry will have a lot to say about that.
  5. CoolBreeze

    Link: Welcome to the SEC Mike Leach

    I have been an admirer from afar for quite sometime. Now, it seems Mike Leach just ended up in our back yard in the SEC. This is going to be an exciting new chapter for MSU which was a laughing stock just yesterday for a botched coaching search. This is going to be fun for them and certainly...
  6. CoolBreeze

    2019 3 Star TE Brett Seither (Update: UGA Bound)

    Saw where Roll Bama Roll is reporting Seither as visiting this weekend on an OV with a committable offer. Not sure how accurate that is but interesting:
  7. CoolBreeze

    4* DT Quashon Fuller

    I did not see a thread on Fuller and the kid is visiting February 1st. He looks like an awesome player if we can get him.
  8. CoolBreeze

    January 1, 2019 - Roll Tide and Happy New Year to all of you!

    Less than an hour before kickoff of the first college football game of 2019 I just wanted to wish all of my Tidefans Brothers and Sisters a very successful and prosperous New Year. Being a college football fan it is tremendous honor to be a part of this particular group of such good and...
  9. CoolBreeze

    What I see after Week 2

    Not sure what everyone else's perception is of the college football landscape in the SEC after this weekend. But I am curious of your take. Mine? 1 - Georgia = for real 2 - TAMU is officially a huge threat to our SECW dominance. 3 - Florida has a lot of work to do.
  10. CoolBreeze

    Grad Transfer Recruiting 2018

    In the spirit of JustNeedMe8’s timely post…then there is this: …any chance that Kayton Samuels, Kenny Bigelow, Ryan Fines, Pete Mokwuah, Marcus Griffin, Preston Gordon, Sean Adesanya, Brandon Tiassum, Jabril Robinson, Dylan Thompson...
  11. CoolBreeze

    2018 Prospect: 4* S Julius Irvin

    Seems we just offered him and will be in town this weekend. 247 does not even have it updated yet.
  12. CoolBreeze

    Bama Coordinator Search Thread

    Well we are officially in the market for an OC. I wonder what Coach Mac is up to these days...
  13. CoolBreeze

    Crimson Tide Recruiting Secret Weapon – Pete Golding

    All hyped out on the NCG coming up tomorrow I’ve been reading recruiting news all day. The flavor in recruiting news lately is that Kirby is the young energetic coach and Nick is the business man. Enter Pete Golding… “When you enter UTSA’s practice field, there are typically a few coaches...
  14. CoolBreeze

    2018 Prospect: 3* RB Maurice Washington

    After tomorrow night 'cruitin season is going to heat up a lot for us. I came across an article on Bleacher Report about the winners and losers of the UA AA Game and at the end of the article they had a write up on RB Maurice Washington. He is uncommitted and said he was the least heralded...
  15. CoolBreeze

    Crimson Tide related New Year's Resolution

    Sitting around today on New Year's Eve I started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in 2018. I jumped on this board just to see what all you guys are up to and thought to know, I am going to resolve myself to be a better Bama fan in 2018. First, I am going to go to the...
  16. CoolBreeze

    I'm with Saban - hate this early signing period

    I mean, there is no buildup hype, no big board countdown, no site crash, got Christmas coming up then New Years, still shopping for family and no fax girls...this is just crummy! So Feb 7th is going to be what, us Tide fans chewing our nails whether or not we get one or two prized recruits...
  17. CoolBreeze

    Question: There are only 8 undefeated teams left. How’s your playoff shaping up?

    There is a lot of football to play but ranked teams are falling like flies these days. Of the undefeated teams left I’d say Bama and PSU have the hardest road to make it to the playoff. It seems certain that there will be some 1 loss teams in that dance but who and how many? Below are games...
  18. CoolBreeze

    2017 Prospect DE LaBryan Ray

    Did not see this one on the board and he needs a thread. Really hope he is a part of this class.
  19. CoolBreeze

    "Git up and fight, sucka."

    So, I have never been much for trash talking so I did a little research. A Muhammad Ali story is the best way I can think of for my first post here.
  20. CoolBreeze

    LB Mique Juarez Updates

    I saw the article on the football board but did not see a thread on Mique Juarez. Any chances we land this guy?


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