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    CB Jabriel Washington still on team?

    Does anyone know? I thought he might be ready for a little PT this season but I don't recall reading his name or seeing his jersey (#23) once so far since Spring practice.
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    BCS selection criteria

    Bottom line: There are way too many criteria! The #1 thru #6 teams all are in BCS bowls, but #7 thru #11 are not. #12, #15, #21, and one unranked team are in. To repeat Krazy's motto: The BCS is all about inclusion over excellence. AND IT SUCKS. I was so proud to hear Herbie blast the...
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    College football postseason options - POLL #2

    Guys here we go again. Please drop in and vote and let me know what you think. Thanks. For option #4, the "hybrid" refers to something that was tossed around in the other thread and I think might still actually be on the table for discussion at this time. That is, the 4 teams would be conf...
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    Old school bowls/polls versus BCS versus playoff

    I would like to get a fresh update on what the Tidefans members think at this point in time about this never-ending debate. Here is what I would like to ask you guys to do. Please reply only with the option you prefer. You have to choose one of the four. The primary purpose here is not to...
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    Carolina - failure to monitor - sanctions

    First of all, could someone please give me a quick appraisal of what happened? Somehow I missed it - doesn't seem like it got much media coverage. Secondly, if failure to monitor was in the findings, how the heck did they get off so light? Thanks in advance Sully
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    Best College Football Program of All Time

    When it comes to the discussion of the best college football programs, you talk about national titles, all time wins, all time winning percentage, etc. However, the #1 team is different in each of those categories. As a matter of fact, you can get 3 or 4 different "national champion" leaders...
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    Congratulations to the Auburn Tigers - The 2010 National Champs

    I am curious if moderators will delete my thread on general principle :D If they do not, then I put 5 hours as the over/under on how long it will take them to shut it down due to the excessive flaming I am sure to receive :cool2: I learned that Oregon's offense is good, but not THAT good...
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    Hall and Fanney

    Does anyone have any detail on what they are doing or where they are? Are they in school and not allowed to practice? Are they at home, "working out some issues"? Anyone know. Thanks -Sully
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    Scholarship Roster

    Where can I find a list of the 85 scholarship players for 2008? Any help is appreciated. -Sully
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    Will the Barners pull for the Tide?

    The only realistic chance Auburn has to make it to Atlanta, is for us to beat LSU. If that happens and if Auburn wins out (which would include an Auburn win over us) then we would have a 3-way tie at 6-2 (also assuming LSU beats Arkansas and Mississippi). The first tie-breaker is combined...
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    10-year record 67-54 - Worst 10-years in history?

    The "Mike-Dennis-Mike" era at Alabama was nothing to write home about. Our record for the ten year stretch from 1997-2006 was 67-54 - a winning percentage of .554. I wonder if this is the worst ten year record in Alabama's history (in winning percentage). Anyone know how to research this? I...
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    Bama Football on Satellite Radio

    I want to buy a satellite radio and listen to Eli and Snake every Saturday (I live outside the listening area for the FM and AM broadcasts. Can someone give me advice on what to do? Does XM radio or Sirius have a station that broadcasts all Bama games? Thanks in advance. -Sully
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    Who is #34?

    Look at these pics on and tell me who #34 is (it is pic #10). Darby wears #34, but that don't look like Darby. Is that one of the walk-on tailbacks I have been hearing about? Thanks...
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    BCS Playoff

    Don't you hate it when you think you have a great idea and no one else likes it? I do. I laugh at myself as I consider the remote possibility that I could be right and everyone else could be wrong. Nonetheless, I still do not understand why no one likes my proposed system for a college...
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    BCS Playoff

    Please delete this thread. -Sully
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    When can I see a replay.......

    .........of the Southern Miss Game? I live outside of the PPV coverage area, so I had to follow along with the stats on the internet. UUGGGHHH!!!! :mad: Does anyone know when the game will be replayed on Fox or CSS? Thanks.