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  1. 92tide

    nasa perseverance rover landing on mars - success

    got to watch the last couple of minutes live.
  2. 92tide

    this awful year will never end - atlanta krispy kreme burns

    for my fellow atl-iens, sad news as the iconic krispy kreme on ponce de leon was consumed by fire overnight.
  3. 92tide

    Reaping what you sow - GOP edition...

    i figured i would start a catch all for some of the consequences we are starting to see. in georgia today
  4. 92tide

    Christmas Music Thread

    since services will be sparse this season, i figured i would start a thread.
  5. 92tide

    funny maine - lsu 2020

    you can tell he had fun with this one
  6. 92tide

    funny maine - how bama fans watched week 9

    looked this week's video up just so i could hear him "struggle win" georgia
  7. 92tide

    Trump administration deeds and misdeeds v 2.0...

    if ever you needed an argument for eternal damnation
  8. 92tide

    Biden policy thread

    i didn't see one and thought it would be good to talk about some of the positive changes we will be seeing in a biden administration one big change will be a sense of fundamental compassion and decency
  9. 92tide

    US Senate Georgia runoffs thread...

    might as well get this one started. this is a really good ad by rev. warnock
  10. 92tide

    funny maine - week 6

    heh - struggle win in a struggle conference.
  11. 92tide

    funny maine - jawjuh

    i didn't see this posted anywhere else
  12. 92tide

    25th amendment thread

    it looks like this will become an issue unto itself.
  13. 92tide

    2020 Presidential Election part III

    posted with all appropriate grains of salt
  14. 92tide

    2020 election thread part ii

    i guess bat crap crazy isn't the draw the gop thought it was going to be
  15. 92tide

    Black Lives Matter thread

    'member a few weeks ago when all the rage was how blm was neo-marxist?
  16. 92tide

    2020 presidential election

    i didn't see another one started yet. glad to see that biden is willing to call it what it is. this needs to happen more with these folks
  17. 92tide

    scotus case upholding sanctuary cities

    i think this decision from yesterday got overshadowed a little bit. this was 7-2, with thomas and alito voting no California ‘sanctuary’ rules stay in place after Supreme Court rejects Trump’s challenge
  18. 92tide

    at least 19 killed in nashville tornado early this morning

    Deadly tornado tears through Tennessee