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  1. bat123

    Top 25 receivers (Bama has 4) Bama has 4 of the top 25 receivers in College football, no surprise.
  2. bat123

    Merry Christmas my Tide Brethren !!!

    It's about 3:30 am here and I'm getting ready for work, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and blessings to all in Tide country!!!
  3. bat123

    The Trojans v Az

    Az - 32 uSc - 28 and Az has it 2 nd goal with mins to go
  4. bat123

    This is one fine cigar!!!

    Thanks Tide for another enjoyable Cohiba........... They looked good tonight :BigA::BigA:
  5. bat123

    Ingram back in front of Tebow in latest Heisman Watch

    Looks like the SEC CG will be big for many reasons.... Clicky
  6. bat123

    Was Bugs Bunny the Public Announcer at the Super Dome?

    He was absolutley terrible......... I kept waiting for him to say he "Shoulda taken that left tuwin in Albequerque"! He made Tony Giles sound like Kieth Jackson!!!!!!!!!
  7. bat123

    I guess the Aubies can roll Toomers corner now....

    Looking at their boards you'd think they finally won a game....... Oh well the barn will always be the barn!!!!
  8. bat123

    Question: UA and UF injuries after this week......

    I can't help but wonder that even though we've been very lucky concerning injuries this year, I understand UF's line is a bit dinged up With us both playing rivalries this week I expect some slobber knockin' going on in both games. Just wondering/hoping we come out his game healthy and ready...
  9. bat123

    Question: Can anyone tell me what happened with Josh Chapman

    I didn't hear his name tonight
  10. bat123

    Question: Help with ESPN360 and College Gameplan

    I looks like this year I can get ESPN360 Europe, and College Gameplan. Has anyone used ESPN 360 or GamePlan online? If so how was the quality and ease of use? Does ESPN show live games on ESPN360? If this indeed works for me I'll be one happy Tider since I will not make it home for any games...
  11. bat123

    Question: What is YOUR favorite victory cigar?

    Just thought I'd like to see what's everybodies favorite victory stogie. Living overseas I come home for our biggest home games and bring a box of Montecristo #3's and a box of Cohiba Sigilo V's. I think of the two I have to choose the Cohibas after a big win. (Although I must admit I have one...
  12. bat123

    Politics: Congressional Aprroval Rating Hits 9%

    Just when you thought congress couldn't get any worse LOL......... The no drill lobby seems to be the blame
  13. bat123

    Study shows NCAA penalties don't punish football teams

    I almost don't know how to respond to this especially since our "own" Gene Marsh is quoted here, just renforces my views of ole' Mr. Co-operation Gene-O :mad2: Dink
  14. bat123

    Reggie Bush trying to get Lakes lawsuit into arbitration

    For someone who's done nothing wrong this guy is certainly trying to keep this affair from reaching the light of day. It appears that if this case proceeds the Nc2a might have no choice but to go forward on the Reggie/USC case............... Dink
  15. bat123

    I got a "Roll Tide" at the EJ concert in Abu Dhabi last night

    I wore my Houndstooth Bama hat with my Bama polo to the Elton John concert here last night, while sitting on the grass I thought heard "Roll Tide" and thught "no way" then I heard it again. It was a young guy mid twenties and I started talking to him and it turns out that he went to the 'Barn...
  16. bat123

    Roll Call for UT

    I'm traveling over 7000 miles and I'll be there with chris ready to roll!!!!!
  17. bat123

    Interesting read Re: Aubie stealing signals

    Don't know how reiable this is but it gave me a chuckle......Clicky ;)
  18. bat123

    Aubie Flags and Shirts will be scarcer than volunteers with teeth

    Ah just think all the barners are storing up all that ugly blue and arnge, aint life grand and easier on the eyes.
  19. bat123

    More Proof "Jounalist" do not do research any more

    Quote about South Florida's Mike Ford Clicky
  20. bat123

    Good read on Southern Football

    Truer words were never spoken, Roll Tide Y'all Southern Football This may have been posted before but it was a first time read for me.:BigA: