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    Nick Saban says Crimson Tide football players safer at Alabama than 'running around at home'

    I agree with coach. It’s not “is it safe to play football”. It’s “is it safe to have all the students on campus attending class and living in dorms together”. That’s where the virus will spread. If they’re gonna be in that environment (and I haven’t heard of any major schools canceling the fall...
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    lol that’s an awful lot words to put in someone’s mouth :ROFLMAO: When quick decisions need to be made, with fewer decision-makers involved, there will be less agendas and conflicting priorities and therefore the process will be more efficient. It’s really simple logic.
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    That’s hilarious. The logic is obvious. When things evolve throughout the season we will have a better chance to be able to quickly adapt with it if we don’t have to negotiate with another conference. We control our own testing and PPE requirements and social distancing protocols. If you know...
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    Will Alabama win a title in the next 4 years?

    If we do not win the title in 2020 it will be the longest title drought of Coach Saban’s tenure at Bama
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    I am sorry for your loss Gray and I am praying for you. -Sully
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    Comparison of Stats from last year to this year.

    My phone was only showing the first two columns. The defensive numbers were not visible. I see them now. Thx.
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    Comparison of Stats from last year to this year.

    Thanks I didn’t realize this years’s offense was ahead of last year’s at this time! May be due to strength of schedule to this point. Are you gonna do defense???
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    LOL, Bob Stoops announced as coach of XFL franchise in Dallas

    Hilarious. I remember that dude.
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    Nice Note on Jalen Hurts at OU

    Thank you for the info on Jalen. I would love to be able to keep up with how he is doing thru Spring and Summer if you’ll keep posting updates here. He’s a class act and I expect him to be a leader for your team and I expect that he will succeed in Riley’s offensive system. FWIW, I must be...
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    Jalen Hurts Destination Thread - Where and Why?

    Nick Saban will not play the 4 game redshirt angle unless it benefits the team (i.e. late developing true freshmen or contributor that gets injured in the first four games, etc). He won’t do it for the player. It creates too many issues that go directly against the team-first mantra that the...
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    My wife passed away today

    Praying for you now Go Vols Roll Tide
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    Alabama QB competition article

    There is a competition at every position on the field. That is one of the many reasons coach Nick Saban is so successful. If you've followed Saban's career you know that competition never ends. It's one of his hallmarks. There is no "finish line"' in his process.
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    Who Will Have Breakout Season For Alabama And Why?

    A little off-topic... I like Damien Harris and sometimes when I watch him run I think I can see him potentially developing into a star (if there wasn't so much talent around him of course) but it always feels like I have seen his style before. Reading some of your posts about the backfield and...
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    Who is Cinderella this year?

    Cinderellas are hard to predict. I do not have a good answer for that one. Media darlings will be Louisville, USC and PSU. My thought on Louisville is, they had their chance. They won't be sneaking up on anyone in 2017 so the results will be similar to the back half of 2016. QB will put up...
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    Game Thread: Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. Clemson, Round Two...

    Roll Tide! Sitting in a waiting room waiting for my mother to recover from shoulder replacement surgery. We are an hour-and-a-half from home. Came here this morning knowing I might be travelling home during the game. Doctor just came out and said the surgery is already over and all went...
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    Best Ever D-What will it take?

    It would be if I could make one. It's about all I drink.
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    Kiffin's future... (Going to FAU, Staying Through CFP)

    Re: Any word on Kiffin's interview with UH? I get a little frustrated with the play-calling sometimes during the games too. When that happens, I try to remind myself that we have one of the best offensive minds in the game calling plays. He is probably better at it than I am and probably...
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    The playoff committee is about to get tested

    Crimson, Comparing teams from different seasons is not apples-to-apples. The stated mission is to select the 4 best teams. In 2014 there were 4 other teams with a better resume than Baylor. Right now there are only 3 teams with a better resume than Washington. If Clemson and Washington...
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    News Article: Blake Barnett quit the team

    Re: Blake Barnett Transferring Amen
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    News Article: Blake Barnett quit the team

    Re: Blake Barnett Transferring Definitely the funniest post in the thread