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  1. bat123

    Does Anybody Have Pre Game Rituals?

    I wear a seasoned Bama polo, a Khaki cap with the crimson A and a pair of crimson and white striped boxers (my cousin calls them my "Bama panties" ...she's a girl) and talk to my best friend on Majic Jack the entire game, we've done this the last six or seven years while I was in Abu Dhabi and...
  2. bat123


    I want to wish all of my Tidefans brothers and sisters a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Although I’ve been retired from the Air Force 20 years now my thoughts always go to my brothers and sisters in arms as they sacrifice pieces of their personal lives to keep us free, stuck in god...
  3. bat123

    Question: Barn Hate Week: How good are they?

    I was there in 2010 they did ruin the season for us as a road team.......
  4. bat123

    Mid season thoughts

    I was in the north end zone for the 1980 ND vs Bama, there was an overly drunk obnoxious ND fan decked out in the green yelling screaming and just being a bad example of a human being, we all let him slide until...… There was an older gentleman (65-70) dressed in his Crimson corduroy jacket and...
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    Welcome back to a cordial and thoughtful poster.
  6. bat123

    Has Alabama ruined college football for fans of other teams?

    "Let them eat cake".......
  7. bat123

    "I hate Tennessee" week...

    Every week is a "I hate Tennessee week" for me.......
  8. bat123

    Favorite Bama-Ut moment

    Rocky block, gets my vote. My daughter was with me and I told her " If we block this kick or he misses this place will come unglued" Oh and it did, I have worked on aircraft for the last 40 years and that was the loudest noise I've ever heard! We were next to each other and even screaming we...
  9. bat123

    Poll: David Palmer or Jaylen Waddle?

    They are, were special players their abilities are what makes them both top shelf players. This is a hard one but overall I'd have to go with Jaylen.....
  10. bat123

    Leonard's Loser Redux - 2020

    I paid $1.98 a carton for Marlboro when stationed in England, When they dropped the subsidies I was moving back to the states. I knew that my wife or I had to quit because I just couldn't afford for both of us to pay $25.00 a carton each a week, so I made best move I've ever made, she quit about...
  11. bat123

    Leonard's Loser Redux - 2020

    It's a part of the "Good ole days" I truly miss. Thanks Selma
  12. bat123

    2021 Prospect: 2021 5* DT Damon Payne

    I have two good friends who are both Meeechigan fans, I was talking with one of the during last years bowl game and to say he was hot about coach khaki would be an understatement he wanted him kicked off the team plane to make his own way back to start packing up his house Lol!!
  13. bat123

    20th Anniversaries? How many do we have?

    I joined in July 2000, as a former USAF member it was the only way that I could keep track of the Tide while deployed. It's hard for me to believe that I retired Sept 2001 and worked overseas ever since but I have been able to know pretty much what's going on with this site. Bayou was...
  14. bat123

    What'cha gonna do about attending games?

    Yeah oddly enough two days after my last symptoms I was fine.... lasted about a week and a half.
  15. bat123

    What'cha gonna do about attending games?

    I had the virus in March and it wasn't a fun walk in the park, but I AM flying home for the last 3 games of the season
  16. bat123

    News Article: Per Bamaonline Sources - Alabama Football has at least 5 players test positive for Covid-19

    I had the virus in March with most of the symptoms with the exception of lung congestion, the strangest was loss of taste which lasted only a couple of days, but I digress my wife has a handful of cronic health problems and once it was apparent I had the virus it was too late to isolate me from...
  17. bat123

    2020 Prospect: Sam Johnson (Punter)

    It almost HAS to.