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    *** RB Derrick Henry Commits to Alabama ***

    Re: 2013 Georgia Commit ATH Derrick Henry Updates ('Bama Flip?) Aaron Suttles just tweeted: Big Derrick Henry news as he reopens recruitment.
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    Cyrus Kouandjio will announce on Monday betwen Bama and Awbarn

    re: Cyrus Kouandjio commits to the barn but he has not faxed his LOI in Tom Luginbill called this last week.
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    Cyrus Kouandjio will announce on Monday betwen Bama and Awbarn

    re: Cyrus Kouandjio commits to the barn but he has not faxed his LOI in Tweet from his brother: "My brother before I even played football so congrats bro. Make you pay for it later though lil bro ;). Much love!"
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    OT Cyrus Kouandjio Updates

    Wow, that would be a shock.
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    The "House Divided" Thread

    I'm a Bama grad. My wife is an Auburn grad. We will be in attendance together this Friday at Bryant-Denny. Hopefully we can make it through it.
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    How will the weather affect Ala / AU Game

    The best team still should win... can't remember a game where weather was the sole reason that caused a team to win or lose.
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    Someone did something to the Bear statue

    Barn -- 1 Bama -- 0 Hopefully that is the only point they score.
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    Proposed new award for "Filthiest Player" - the Fairley Award...

    From Tony Barnhart:
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    Who Dares Pick Georgia Over Aubie?

    I will be going to this game with my barner wife. I'm hoping to do my part and jinx the tigers, but i'm expecting auburn to win by 17.
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    Dareus gets 2-game suspension (Gentry Estes just reported NCAA has RULED)

    Well, I feel sorry for this guy:
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    Question: Will Alabama go undefeated in 1010?

    1010? I think that was when Earle had his 3rd ACL surgery. :wink:
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    Mark Ingram Injured, Will miss SJS game!! (MERGED THREADS)

    Can anyone with experience in this field or this type of surgery give us more info on how long they think he'll be out?? Thanks.
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    The SEC 'Houston Nutt Rule' Signing Cap of 28

    re: The SEC "Houston Nutt Rule' Signing Cap of 28 so do the ones that count towards their 2009 class still get to be used for their 2010 ranking??
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    Vanderbilt vs. Alabama

    Why was Anthony Brock handling the ball on the last play? It looked like Torrance got open on the inbound play and the ball should have went to him. Loved the energy level of the team. Need to see more consistent play from Green.
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    Link: Rolando McClain (stomach) sick and not at media day

    linkage not good... EDIT: Alabama DC Kirby Smart: "It's just a little sickness. I expect Rolando will be fine."
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    Link: Holy Crap! No holding penalties enforced since Kentucky game!

    Anyone else find this jaw dropping?? :eek2: MASH HERE
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    New advertisement:

    Big thumbs down on this... :conf2:
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    The ESPN Special 30 & 30 about Miami Hurricanes

    I hated Miami then as much as the next bama fan, but I think some people's reaction that ESPN put this film out to promote what Miami did is a stretch. Like it or not, Miami in the 80's was the story in college football. For a lot of the wrong reasons, but they were HUGE. The film took a...
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    Question: What Was Bama's Biggest Single Play Of 2009?

    Maximum Block gets my vote!
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    Lady Vols logo used on ESPN for Tennessee football

    I did see it! I thought I would have been the only one. Hilarious!!