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    Question: Do we have a list of kids signing today?

    Maybe I'm just not seeing it, but I can't find anything on kids signing on this final signing day.

    Question: Is there a new policy on commitments?

    Is there a new policy regarding commitments I don't know about? This appears to be the case for Agiye Hall who recently committed but is not noted in the Title now as a commitment. It just shows him as a uncommitted prospect. Perhaps it is a double-secret TideFans thing we don't know about...

    Trump to steal election without legal proceedings...

    We'll use Arizona as an example. So here is the scenario: Biden has won Arizona after all legal proceedings. Winning the State, Joe Biden gets 11 electoral votes. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. There is nothing written in the law that says the electoral votes must go to the winner. The state...


    We all know the saying that if we don't learn from history we are bound to repeat it .... Well, my foster daughter was doing her history remotely on Adolf Hitler. It began with his rise to power by telling the German people of their exceptionalism and how they were special. He said that Jews...

    Question: What is the fallout from Big Ten and Pac12 postponing fall sports?

    Will there be a great opportunity to flip players formerly committed to Ohio State, for example? Just wanted thoughts from those more knowledgeable than I on recruiting.

    Why so many in the Portal

    Just wondering if the number of kids entering the portal is indicative of the competition being too strong for them. No knock on the guys, but maybe they feel the others kids will beat them out of a place.

    Funny Maine on the Iron Bowl

    Much as I disliked the result, I have to say Funny Maine's classy take on the game and the season was worth the watching.

    Jahmyr Gibbs, Dalton HS

    I've seen this kid on the local news the last couple of weeks. BTW, I know nothing about HS talent but this kid is getting a lot of press. Anyone know anything about him and is he good enough for Bama? He's a RB.

    Manchester city fc in fa cup semi final saturday -- for atlanta residents

    Just wanted to let ya'll know that Manchester City FC will be in the FA Cup Semi-Final against Brighton & Hove Albion at Wembley Stadium, London, on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at 12:30 pm EDT. It is being televised on ESPN+ but if you are in commuting distance to the Brewhouse Cafe, in the 5...

    How has Clemson kept hold of their staff?

    I saw in an interview that DC Venerbles had been with Clemson for 7 years. How has he not been snagged for a head coaching job before now? Bama seem to lose their coordinators every year, but Clemson just chugs along. Looking at the rest of the staff, the majority have been with Dabo for over...

    Merry Christmas

    Just noticed the other thread so this one is unnecessary.

    Good, Bad and Ugly Barn Style

    Good: Hanging 50+ on the Barn, Tua, Jalen's TD throw Bad: Stupid trick plays/formations. Ugly: Chop block on Buggs, just being Awlbarn.

    Pick the Score - Alabama at Arky

    Hope I'm not too early on this one. Looking at Arky v. TAMU this afternoon, I am confident we can hang at least 50 on them. Alabama 57 Arky 3

    Good, Bad, Ugly - Ragin Cajuns style

    Good - Tua, Jalen, Special Teams, heck just about everyone Bad Allowing them to score Ugly - Kicking team needs work P.S. Manchester City top of Premier League, AGAIN!

    Coca Cola Collegiate Collection 1989

    I have approximately 50-60 of these cards covering Bama players from #3 A.T.S. "Pooley" Hubert, 1922-25 Quarterback, Meridian, MS to #571 Willard Scissum, 1981-84, Offensive Guard, Huntsville, AL Lee High School. By anyone's math, there are a lot of cards missing but I have a total of 50+...

    AR pattern rifles, was 'Reuben in trouble again...

    While I totally believe in allowing for the judicial side of things to run their course, the fact that RF had such a weapon is concerning. Though legal, the only thing this weapon and AR types are used for is to kill people. Next time he gets mad at his girlfriend he might actually fire and...

    Latest cfb committee standings

    Clemson 1, Barn 2, OK 3, Wisc 4 with Bama 5. Any thoughts and go Dawgson Saturday

    What is an "Embed Player".

    I keep seeing that on 247 profiles and don't know what it means so I figured I would ask you lot as I'm sure anumber of you will know.

    Kevin Turner on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO on 1/24/17

    Just wanted to let anyone interested know that Real Sports is doing a segment on Kevin Turner on HBO on Tuesday, 1/24/17, at 10:00 pm Eastern/9:00 pm Central. I saw a preview when Kevin announces he has ALS and another shot shortly before his death. The changes that awful disease did to Kevin...

    Thank you to the players, coaches, and support personnel.

    It has been an amazing season and I want to thank all involved in the football program for a great year. The players work so hard year round that it would have been fitting to get a win last night. Unfortunately, that was not to be and I am still trying to process losing a NC game. As a fan...