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    BREAKING Fourteennessee's Pruitt FIRED (along with staff & Fulmer resigning). Wants back at Alabama

    Not sure if this belongs under coaching carousal but I wonder if we bring him back at defensive coordinator? really just wanted to highlight the below.
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    Link: Jeff Banks joining Sarkisian

    Huge blow. Happy for Sark but he’s taking a lot of Sabans staff. Bo Davis will be joining him too...Texas is about to be big again. They will be a Recruiting power house.
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    [Hypothetical What-if] Sarkisian out, Herman in?

    Just a fun opinion / hypothetical post...if Sark leaves to be a head coach (despite signing for 3 years and being highest paid coordinator in the nation) I saw an ESPN article about how Sark is ready to coach again. I’m not sure if it was an opinion or Sark has said it himself but here’s my...
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    Mid season thoughts

    Hi Everybody! we’re a little more than halfway through the season and while I typically and a post watcher I decided to post and get the community opinion. Over the first 14 quarters of the year the defense allowed 115 points. In the last 10 they have allowed 17. It’s apparent that the loss of...