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    Would we take him and what do our buckeye friends think (ex-OSU WR Jameson Williams)
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    Xavier Worthy asking for release from Michigan Asking for release from Michigan. Does anyone know if we are still interested
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    NCAA Tickets

    I just saw that the ncaa is going to allow some attendance at the tournament. Does anyone know how tickets will be allocated and if the Universty will get an allotment?
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    Devonta Smith Appreciation Thread

    Sorry if there is this thread is already going as I did not scroll through all 300. As a greater than 50 year Tide fan I want to give appreciation to Devonta. While physically unimposing in a game played by beasts he goes about his work quietly and professionally yet inside him there is an...
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    Media Guide

    My tickets came today!! Does anyone know when media guides will be mailed?
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    First Post

    Long time (over 10 years follower) First post. I have enjoyed for years reading the comments and information here. I have no special expertise in football to add just a longtime love of the Tide. First game was the FSU tie in the 60 ‘s. Sold programs to get into Legion Field. Three of my five...