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    Waddle injured on opening KO return (out for season)

    Waddle going to the hospital looks like a long term issue. Given they have X-Ray machines at the stadium, it's likely it's a multi-game or season ending injury. Crap.
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    BAMA in CFP?

    With Tua out, and thank God his surgery sounded like it went extremely well, is there any way BAMA can make the CFP? I think if LSU wins the SECCG, then GA has two losses and GA will not get in. However, if UGA beats LSU, does both UGA and LSU get in? If LSU wins, and BAMA beats Auburn at...
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    What shape will the field be in tomorrow night?

    For those of us that don't know, I know T Town is expected to get a ton of rain tonight and tomorrow with the rain stopping about an hour before game time. How well does the field drain?
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    Reckon CBS wishes they would have chosen UA-LSU for primetime?

    CBS chose GA - ND instead of AL and LSU this year. Strong overnight for ND-UGA on CBSIt trailed last year’s primetime SEC game on CBS (BAMA and LSU), but Notre Dame-Georgia still delivered in the overnight ratings. Found the article here.
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    As of today: (A poll on SECC scenarios for Bama)

    If AL does not win the SEC west, can they make the playoffs?
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    Is this the most doubt you've felt headed into a season?

    Honestly, I am still stunned at the way the Championship game turned out. I never saw it coming, and doubt many others did either. We will have an explosive offense for sure, but what about the O-line and D-line? Do we have quality depth?
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    Defensive and Offensive line next year

    Ultimately, I think Bama lost the NC due to be line play on both the Offensive and Defensive sides. Bama just didn't seem to have quality depth on the either side. So my question is simply this: Will Bama line play be better on offense, defense, or both?
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    Betting line is moving toward Clemson.

    Just visited a betting website and saw where BAMA opened as a 7 pt favorite and now the line is down to mostly 5 pts and one Casino has BAMA as 4.5 pt favorite. I won't bet on the game and think the game will be extremely close. Clemson's competition has just not been good enough to really...
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    SIAP Any word on Christian Miller?

    Looked like a hamstring. We need him bad for Clemson.
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    Any word on Tua's recovery progress?

    Just haven't seen anything, anywhere.
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    Would Hurts be able to play in National Title game .........

    Assuming Bama gets by Oklahoma, would Hurts be able to play in the National Title game, or would he have to transfer before the game to be a graduate transfer and play next year?
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    Hypothetical Question - 1 loss Bama over 1 loss OSU?

    While I think BAMA will win out, would a 1 loss BAMA team get into the playoff over a 1 loss OSU team?
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    The streak

    We all knew the run of No. 1 classes would end eventually, but it seemed that we lost more players to other schools than anyone expected. With the seemingly large number of true freshman we played last year (especially in the Championship Game), did we recruit to fill specific needs?
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    Never too early to think of Iron Bowl

    So with both teams playing what amounts to scrimmages next week, will Bama be favored to beat Auburn on the road? With Bama's injury issues on Defense, this game has me really worried.
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    Is this true - Bo draft eligible?

    According to one of the guys on an Atlanta Sports talk station, Bo Scarborough is actually draft eligible this year due to injuries he suffered early in his career. He threw out the possibility that if Bo had another game like he did in the semis, he could possibly enter the draft. I hadn't...
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    Bama opens as a 17 pt favorite over A&M??????

    Wow. Yes, we're on a roll and I'll be the first to admit I'm nervous about every game, but I don't see how that big a spread is reasonable. :BigA:
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    Any word on Damien Harris' injury?

    They said he took a hit on the left knee, but the video showed him unable to put weight on the right one. Hopefully, it's not too bad and he can get healed up the next few weeks. Going to need him during the crucial stretch.
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    AL favored by 8.5 over Ole Miss. Is that too high? (Update 9/12/'16 - 10-10.5)...

    I know they have a couple of people hurt, but given the way our O-Line has played, I'm nervous about a win. Given they won the last two years, and are at home, the line seems high. I'll settle for a one pt win.
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    Will Suspended players be eligible for NC?

    Not only Tony Brown, but the 3 players who were suspended for Clemson for the semis? TIA
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    Lucky to be only down 7 at the half, considering

    Opening drives for both teams is critical.