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  1. DzynKingRTR

    Texas LB Jake Ehlinger found dead (brother of Sam Ehlinger) I cannot even imagine what the family is going through right now. To go from excitement with Sam getting drafted and then having to deal with this.
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    BREAKING NFL Draft rounds 4-7 Is anybody actually paying attention?

    just waiting to see where Bama guys go.
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    SEC Shorts: How Fourteenessee recruits QBs

    Another great video from SEC shorts
  4. DzynKingRTR

    NFL passes jersey number rule plus some other rules

    The previous rule was always a stupid rule. I never understood why it existed.
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    Josh Primo also testing NBA waters I don't think he is ready yet.
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    Economic Impacts of Covid - Part II

    Sadly we need part II for this thread. It is still impacting my field. My former employer is still struggling to get by. There is only 6 employees left and that includes the owner. They are surviving by covid loans and severely reduced pay. I doubt they ever recover. As far as I am concerned, I...
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    Former NFL player, Phillip Adams, kills 5 people and self will have brain studied for CTE I figured this will end up on non-sports eventually. If they find he does have CTE, what will be next? Will we lose the sport we all love? Will the government overstep as they tend to do...
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    Joe Musgrove throws first no hitter for the Padres

    Good for him. Padres finally have a no hitter.
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    BREAKING Roy Williams retires/Davis expected to be named HC
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    Sweet 16 not Alabama games Part II

    Going to start a new thread for the new day. I am a bit late.
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    Game Thread: Sweet 16 games that are not Alabama

    Well, I have started all of the non-Alabama tournament game threads, so I will start this one too. Don't want to take any chances. First up is Loyola vs Oregon State. Go Ramblers!
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    NCAA Tournament Round of 32 - 03/21

    New day new thread. Go Ramblers! I have them taking down Illinois, so it would be nice to be right.
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    Game Thread: NCAA Tournament Second real day games that are not Alabama

    New thread for todays games.
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    NCAA Tournament - First real day

    Florida-Va Tech underway
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    Game Thread: First 4 games are underway for the NCAA Tournament

    These games are usually pretty meh, but if you like basketball you will watch. Texas Southern vs Mount Saint Mary.
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    Other Conference Tournament Championships. We might not care but.....

    some of theses could be potential opponents for us. Right Now #2 Morehead State is spanking #1 Belmont in the OVC. Only watching out of boredom.
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    Ref adjusting mask blows FG call

    How on Earth does this even happen? and we thought SEC refs were bad Admin edit: added video tweet
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    I am addicted to Red Dead Redemption

    I am bored with nothing to do so started playing and cannot quit.
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    Tiger Woods injured in crash

    How is there not a post on this yet?