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    Would we take him and what do our buckeye friends think (ex-OSU WR Jameson Williams)
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    An Evaluation of National Championships 1936-2013

    Really good stuff! Thanks for the work.
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    More Trouble for LSU & Orgeron Dodges an Invitation from the Legislature

    Sorry the link is to a page that has the story on it
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    More Trouble for LSU & Orgeron Dodges an Invitation from the Legislature

    More on the way for lsu. Needs a Penn State type burndown.
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    Xavier Worthy asking for release from Michigan Asking for release from Michigan. Does anyone know if we are still interested
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Postgame Thread - Bama vs. Iona...

    Did herb play 40? Sure felt like it. Hope it doesn t bite us Monday. Maybe UConn and Maryland will go double OT
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    Has anyone been to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (aka the Swamp/Florida) for a game?

    Haven t been since 99. Sweet game. Fans were very obnoxious even then. Traffic leaving was horrendous but that s the norm at most SEC stadiums
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    Les Miles offered a secret settlement to an LSU student.

    Sad for his wife and young adult kids. Didn’t t ESPN give him a shout out for his strong character and family values
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    Les Miles offered a secret settlement to an LSU student.
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    NCAA Tickets

    I just saw that the ncaa is going to allow some attendance at the tournament. Does anyone know how tickets will be allocated and if the Universty will get an allotment?
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    Harsin just dubbed us “the team up North”

    Let me preface this by saying that I don t check the Auburn boards. Does their fan base even like such a silly ignorant comment? Seems more appropriate for the fanbase that is to our north
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    Gus Bus headed to the Mouse House, baby!

    Will be funny when they expand the playoffs and he gets in them before the barn does
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    Things just continue to crumble around Univ. of Fourteennessee (Announces NCAA investigation)

    A decade is not long enough. I hope it burns until all memories of fatimus are gone. On second thought I want them to remember him as the cause of their becoming Vanderbilt
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    Game Thread: Cotton Bowl: Sooners vs Gators. (Oklahoma wins 55-20) Oklahoma is Back

    Mullen: Is what s good and bad about Florida. He has some capabilities as a quarterback coach. However any organization takes on the character of the ceo. Florida is an immature arrogant team and will stay so until the coach grows up or they get another coach
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    Just In: Tennessee Football Under Investigation from Compliance and NCAA

    Fulmer doing business like the old days
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    Tennessee Recruiting

    They are all too stupid to realize that he and his poor character are part of their problem and I hope they never wise 🔝
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    Link: UT Thinks New SEC TV Contract hurts them😅

    I will defer the details to Selma but there was a sleazy Tennessee booster that was associated with the Logan Young case who went by the moniker of tennstud. He predicted Tennessee’s demise years ago while Fulmer was head coach based on recruiting issues. That they cannot win on a level playing...
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    Great ESPN Article about DeVonta

    Thanks for sharing about one of my all time favorite Bama players