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    ***Early Signing Day SIGNATURES RECEIVED***

    I've got a feeling that the few committed guys that didnt sign yesterday are going to get left out of this class. Bigger fish will take their spots in February.
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    How Do You Watch The Tide On TV? (Sling TV Was Awful This Year - Advice)

    I hate Sling for this very reason..... loses signal waaaaaaay too often.
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    Kevin Hagan on Bill King's Show (January 10)

    Sounds like CNS was VERY close to losing the team. Glad he made the call at halftime.
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    Nearly 200 Subways give in to Muslim pressure, remove ham & bacon

    I'll never eat subway again! The hell with them for caving to Muslims.
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    News Article: Inmate dies following botched Oklahoma execution, second execution delayed

    I wish I was in control of carrying out executions. I'd make them suffer for WEEKS! They would BEG for death!!!
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    Bundy says "the negro is better off picking cotton than being on gov. subsidy"

    Re: Bundy says "the negro is better off picking cotton than being on gov. subsidy" Truth be told, he is probably right.
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    Mom beats 4 year old son to death because he walked and talked like he was gay

    Damn, I hate gays as much as anyone, but this is horrible.
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    News Article: The 13 reasons Alabama lost the Iron Bowl, some obvious, others more subtle

    Should be a #14. Cooper dropped an easy TD in the 4th qtr. Hit him right in the hands, and he dropped it clean.
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    Poll: Have you ever used the N word in other than a "clinical" way

    Probably use it 20+ times a day No big deal. Just a word.
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    SCOTUS announces Prop 8 and DOMA rulings this morning...

    Sad day for America. The moral decline of this nation is sickening.
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    Link: SI article implies that Bama football players used illegal substances (S.W.A.T.S.)

    IF Bama players did use this junk, and still passed a PED test, then there should be absolutley NO issue with the nzaa.
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    How many times has a player.....

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    ATH/LB Brent Calloway switches back to Bama

    he is a barner. deal with it
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    Did losing to Auburn ruin the season for you?

    The WAY that Bama lost this game ruined this season for me and also ruined my respect for the Bama players and coaches. Since the barn game, I could actually care less whether Bama wins or loses. And this is coming from a faithful Bama follower since 1977.
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    Sip Chokes Down Crow And Offers Game Analysis

    I felt the same way. Up until that point, everything was going Bama's way. When that ball rolled all the way down the sideline like a ground ball, I knew the karma was back in barns favor. TR dropping a sure TD pass just confirmed it for me. I had people calling and texting about how bad Bama...