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  1. BamaHoosier

    Stage is being set for playoff expansion

    Sounds like more will be shared in the coming weeks after the official committee meetings in Chicago next week. Lot of places are reporting though 12 teams is the leading concept should expansion happen. I think I’m one of the few people here actively in favor of expansion. But I figured 6-8...
  2. BamaHoosier

    Indianapolis Questions - Open Forum

    Since this year is unique and the whole tournament will be here in my stomping grounds, I thought I’d toss out an offer to answer any questions for those thinking about coming to some games. I’ve lived all over Indianapolis and it’s suburbs the last 20 years, so I know the area extremely well...
  3. BamaHoosier

    Bama Game Thread: MBB: Providence vs Alabama - (ESPN2 @ 6PM CST)

    Big difference between going home 2-1 or 1-2. Let's finish business tonight. RTR
  4. BamaHoosier

    Bama Game Thread: MBB: Stanford vs Alabama (ESPN2 @ 8:30p CST)

    Exciting matchup tonight. Should be a perfect gauge for where we are as a team. I did a little digging for those who, like me, don’t pay much attention to west coast teams. Here’s what I’m reading on how we stack up: 1. Stanford was solid but not great last year. They started the season 15-2...
  5. BamaHoosier

    Congrats Anthony Grant - AP Coach of the Year

    I know many of us don’t have the fondest memories of Grant. His personality was never a great fit here, nor was he able to take us beyond mediocrity. With that said, i feel like he largely handled himself with class here. I have nothing but respect for him as an individual and I think his style...
  6. BamaHoosier

    News Article: Sport Illustrated Top 100 Players for 2019

    Haven’t seen this discussed here yet, but I thought this was a good series from last week. Interesting analysis on a lot of the players. 10 of our guys on the list. Ruggs is the only one top of mind that I think definitely should have been on it. Otherwise it’s a pretty solid list. Check it...
  7. BamaHoosier

    Question: What a 16 team playoff would look like - Hypothetical

    I want to state for the record that I am adamantly opposed to expanding the playoffs... with that said, I saw a post on Instagram that I found almost tantalizing. If there were a 16 team playoff, every single matchup as of this week would be nearly perfect. Other than Bama and Georgia, really...
  8. BamaHoosier

    Miss St tickets for sale?

    Seat location doesn’t matter, only need 2. (Would buy 1 if available and the price were right) Feel free to DM for number if you’d like to text. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. BamaHoosier

    Do College Games Last Too Long?

    Interesting write-up by ESPN's blog. Personally I have no issues with the pace of game play. The solution seems simple to me, cut back on commercials and dead air time. If it's an 8PM kickoff, don't kick-off at 8:15 to accommodate all of the network hype. For commercials, find other ways to sell...
  10. BamaHoosier

    Sportscenter broadcasting from both campuses all week

    Today Cari Champion was broadcasting live from Rama Jama, yesterday she was on the field. In a few minutes they are going to do top 5 Bama players of all time list. While it's cool, it bugs me. Yesterday was all Clemson. They had Cari in BDS, but they were mainly focusing on the Clemson side...
  11. BamaHoosier

    Game Thread: Texas vs Notre Dame

    Anyone else have some football left in the system? This one could be a pretty good one.
  12. BamaHoosier

    Link: Bama ranked #1 in Preseason Coaches Poll

    Didn't see this posted, but the first coaches poll has been released. Bama is ranked #1 ahead of Clemson, Oklahoma, FSU, and Ohio State. Biggest surprises to me are Notre Dame and Stanford. I figured both would start the season ranked just shy of the top 10. Coaches are buying the UT hype, and...
  13. BamaHoosier

    Prediction: If Bama Doesn't, Who Wins the SEC Championship This Year?

    I've been thinking about it lately, I think we have one of the most talented teams we've ever had coming back. This defense has the talent to be ever scarier than last year, which is an unreal testament to the strength of our recruiting process. The offense could be lights out, but that all...
  14. BamaHoosier

    Espn way too early preseason top 25

    Of course these things mean nothing but discussion fodder, but I thought it was intruiging. First of all, I actually like this projection. We have too man question marks to be a top 3 team, so I feel like we are still fairly valued. I feel like USC won't have the depth to live up to that high...
  15. BamaHoosier

    Movie being made about Woodlawn High and Tony Nathan Has anyone else seen this? I am really excited by the prospects of this movie. Jon Voight will be playing Coach Bryant, and there is a Bama legacy playing Tony Nathan in one of the Castille's...
  16. BamaHoosier

    Question: Which coach is most responsible for ball security?

    I will first say that this is not a thread with the intention of bashing anyone. I for one am very proud of this team, and I really do feel that we will make some noise before this season ends. With that said, I do have a question regarding a serious issue this team has: Who is that is mainly...
  17. BamaHoosier

    Game Thread: Va Tech vs Ohio State

    There were very few quality games today, and they are all on now. No offense to our good friend B1GTider, but I am really pulling hard for Va Tech in this one. I called that upset, and I really want to see OSU lose at least 2-3 times this year. What are your thoughts on the game?
  18. BamaHoosier

    Question: Who Will be Bama's Most Likely Heisman Contender in 2014?

    I've been watching the Auburn and A&M replay from last year on ESPNU this morning, and the Aflac trivia question got me pondering something. For reference, the question was "Since 2000, who have been the non-quarterback's to win the Heisman?" (Of course the answer being Bush in '05 and Ingram in...
  19. BamaHoosier

    Kid at a baseball game pulls off a masterful move on the girl behind him

    I found this link today about this kid at a Blue Jays-Rangers game this weekend, and I've got to give the kid props. This kid is going places, just brilliant. Check it out...
  20. BamaHoosier

    Link: Vote for Eddie Lacy for the next Madden cover!!

    Lacy is in the running for the next Madden cover, and he is butting up against Jimmy Graham in the first round. Here is the link and hopefully we can make him the 2nd Bama back to be featured on Madden. Roll Tide!!