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    Pat Dye caught on YouTube dissing the barn QBs

    Lookup "Pat Dye speaks the truth" on youtube. I would post the link but I can't reach it right now. He basically says their QB situation is going to cause them to lose some games they should win next season. Then says in his opinion they only have one QB that gives them a chance, and that is...
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    Orion Cooker....

    I've never seen one of these, it's an interesting design. The biggest question I have is how do you control the temperature and check for doneness?
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    It's hitting the fan in Knoxville

    Re: It's hittinng the fan in Knoxville Personally, the comparisons to Shula are a little tiring. Shula wasn't a great head coach, but he also wasn't getting completely blown out and embarrassed in games like Dooley is, and I never saw Mike Shula celebrate National Championship style after a...
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    Dyer Leaving *ubarn??

    This talk originally started in a blog by Jay G. Tate, an AU blogger. This isn't some rumor started on Bama boards.
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    Kristi Malzahn - Interview

    she talked about AU coaches calling recruits for the two hours leading up to game time for each game. I'm not certain, but it seems there is a NCAA violation there if they are contacting recruits outside the contact period
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    Link: Bama Updated NCAA Stats

    Alabama 1992 is still the standard by which I measure every defense. This team will need to win the NC for me to rank them ahead of the 92 D.
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    Trent Richardson's big run and juke vs Ole Miss

    Ole Miss had that play defended perfectly from the beginning with the blitz, and had a guy in the backfield that should have made a tackle for a loss. Amazing run by Trent.
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    Question: Question about Chizik's post-game interview with Holly Rowe

    I wouldn't have a problem with it if he didn't blatantly lie to start out with, and then finish with a God reference. The original question that was posed to him was why they decided to make a change at QB (they pulled Trotter and inserted Mosely). After thinking for a second, Chizik said "we...
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    Jesse Williams is getting better and it showed against UF

    I swear he caught Chris Rainey from behind the other night as Rainey was trying to get out of the backfield. Jesse is quick for his size.
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    "Bama still hasn't been tested. Arky, Penn St & Florida were overrated." LOL!!!

    Re: "Bama still hasn't been tested. Arky, Penn St & Florida were overrated." LOL!!! Good point. Also, the PSU score could have been worse. We gave them a cheap touchdown late, when our scrubs were in on D. It could have been 27-3, or much worse.
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    I loved the game and how they played, but I do not like what I saw..........

    it may be time for you to switch to a more laid back sport, such as curling.
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    Link: QB Alec Morris Signs with Alabama

    Re: QB Alec Morris Updates Wow, after watching his highlights, I must say that I'm impressed. I can't believe this kid was not more highly recruited when we got him. He has a good arm, great touch and accuracy, and is just a very good all around athlete. I think we got a steal.
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    Tennessee Under Investigation... Again

    A certain team down in Lee County paid for Seastrunk and tons of other players to come on unofficials...
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    News Article: West Virginia Denied by ACC and SEC

    Forget NC. The ACC teams all just agreed that any institution that leaves the ACC will pay a $20 mil buyout. That pretty much rules out Clemson, FSU, VT, or any of the NC teams. I think we'll stay at 14 unless something crazy happens, and I would guess the ACC will stay at 14 for now also.
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    University of South Carolina receives Notice of Allegations from NCAA

    The NOA only came after 2 years. (Collective gulp heard in Lee County)
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    RB Keith Marshall commits to UGA

    Re: RB Keith Marshall the Nation’s No. 1 RB prospect defends UGA’s Mark Richt after l Personally, I don't think Calloway is a true RB. He would be better suited at LB. Dee Hart, assuming he returns 100% from injury is a good option, but not a between the tackles back. We need probably two...
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    10 Miss St. players not suiting for Memphis game tonight?

    Heard Fletcher Cox is one of them, but I don't know the reasons yet. This is going around on Twitter. I hope they are back for the AU game!
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    The "Ugly Drum Smoker" Experience (with pics)

    Nice UDS! I remember when I first told my wife I was building one of these and brought home the barrell, she thought I was crazy. After the build was complete and she tasted the first rack of ribs that came off of it, she was posting pics of it for her friends to see on Facebook.