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  1. Crimson Cat

    Game Thread: Michigan St vs. Notre Dame gamethread...

    ND has looked shaky to start...penalties, etc. MSU playing with a lot of energy and moving the ball pretty well.
  2. Crimson Cat

    #16 Nebraska vs. UCLA game on Fox...

    #16 Nebraska is in a dog fight with unranked UCLA who is looking really sharp in all phases...they may give U$C a fight in the PAC. UCLA just went up 36-27.
  3. Crimson Cat

    Link: Jim Rome eats crow: "Huge Tip Of The Hat To Alabama"
  4. Crimson Cat

    Game Thread: *** Insight Bowl: Iowa vs. Oklahoma ***

    Just started...
  5. Crimson Cat

    Link: Nice article on ESPN SEC Blog from Chris Low..."Alabama Can Sit and Watch"

    Nice write up on his SEC blog...
  6. Crimson Cat

    Link: Cecil Hurts' take: "Tide Deserving of A Title Shot"

    Didn't see this posted... :)
  7. Crimson Cat

    Link: New Sagarin rankings are out...see linky...

    We gained some points which should help... 1. LSU = 108.46 2. Bama = 99.56 3. OSU = 97.18 4. Hogs = 95.75 5. KSU = 93.65 6. OU = 92.35 7. Baylor = 90.68 8. Houston = 90.17 9. Oregon = 89.3 10. Stanford = 89.14 and the current Massey Ranking...
  8. Crimson Cat

    Game Thread: ***Notre Dame vs. Stanford - Gamethread***

    ND just picked off a Luck pass & about to tie this one up at 7...
  9. Crimson Cat

    Game Thread: ****#4 Oregon vs. USC ( Ducks Lose to USC 38-35) ***

    Time for Musburger & Co. to drool over the Ducks... Lets Go Trojans!!! :)
  10. Crimson Cat

    Watching the Jets & Bills...Marcel Darius is having a great game...

    Sorry on the spelling--meant Dareus...He's being a disruptive force on the line today getting his name called a lot...announcers seemed impressed with him. Really nice to see him do well.
  11. Crimson Cat

    Link: Simultaneous possession or INT? CFN writer weighs in on the Reid "INT"...see linky

    Simultaneous possession or INT? CFN writer weighs in on the Reid "INT"...see linky
  12. Crimson Cat

    Link: Sporting News article take on LSU vs. Alabama, and possible rematch...
  13. Crimson Cat

    BCS Countdown Show-ESPN on now- anybody watching this?

    OU is in another league than Bama & LSU according to Bayless who is practically railing he's so upset apparently, and OU may get robbed of an opportunity for a BCNCG??... I'm sorry, but this guy is freaking idiot...:rolleyes:
  14. Crimson Cat

    Link: Coaches Poll is out...2011 NCAA Football Rankings - Week 7 (Oct. 9) 1 Oklahoma (32) 5-0 1434 2 LSU (15) 6-0 1409 3 Alabama (11) 6-0 1399 4 Wisconsin (1) 5-0 1244 5 Stanford 5-0 1232 6 Boise State 5-0 1170 7 Oklahoma State 5-0 1168 8 Clemson 6-0 1046 9 Oregon 4-1 995 10 Michigan 6-0 891
  15. Crimson Cat

    ****ubarn vs. Arky Game Thread****

    Arky 3-n-out first series...
  16. Crimson Cat

    Link: Rumblings of interest between Urban Meyer and PennSt...see linky

    I've seen this story floating around, I know PSU fans were mentioning Meyer earlier this season as a possible replacement for JoePa, tOSU may want him as well. Nothing against PSU, but I just don't know why he'd leave one of the best programs in the country in UF to start over. Thoughts...
  17. Crimson Cat

    ***FlaAtl @ *Ubarn Gamethread***

    Probably a boring one to watch but, *U leading 7-3 but about to kick a fg...1:55 left in first quarter - Channel 646 for those on DirecTV
  18. Crimson Cat

    ****Game thread**** Miss St vs. *ubarn

    This one just getting started...MSU not off to good start, penalty on the kick return
  19. Crimson Cat

    Per Nick Saban on ESPN/SportsCenter...McCarron will start at PSU

    (I posted this on the "Will We Play Two QBs Poll" also) Said it was felt McCarron was a little more experienced & felt he could handle playing on the road & crowd noise etc better...some other random questions about JoePa, how long Coach Saban will coach, and Mark Ingram, etc...just watched it...
  20. Crimson Cat

    Laptop just got hit with bankerfox.a virus...anybody familiar with it?

    Wouldn't let me do anything, no access to files, no I've rebooted in safe-mode and running a virus scan to see if it snags it... but if it doesn't, then my next step is to either try restore to previous date before the virus or try malwarebytes download which I've read is good free...